Annual General Meeting Minutes 02/10/2002


Present: Peter Berring (Chair), Gerry Robinson, Fred Berring, John Stembridge, Stan Logan, Rhod James, Gerry McGuffie, Richard Latham, Steve Shaw, Tony Bennett, Chris Bunning, Steve Stoner, Mike Beament, Mike Wells, Henry Kozarek, Neil Gordon, Peter Middleton, Richard Trinnick.

Apologies: C. Stavely, S. D'Arcy

Committee Member Reports

RL (Fixtures) says he will continue to rotate events. In 2003, Milford and Silvermere will be dropped, but West Byfleet and Lingfield will reappear on the list. He needs to know numbers for Pine Ridges asap.

RJ (Handicaps) reported that his system of yellow card increases has augmented the handicap system based on a match on match adjustment.

JS (Communications) advised that all members are now on e-mail. The WAGSite continues to be very useful and has received 20,000 hits. The intention is to refresh its design.

SL (Events Coordinator) said that generally things run smoothly, but nobody sends a cheque as they should when booking events. This requirement needs reinstating.

GMc (Membership) said there are 44 UK members (out of 50 maximum) and c. 5 overseas members. He has 2 applications to process. This year, prompt action was taken with those who did not pay their subs.

FB (Finance) explained that the increased throughput of money for 2002 (24k) reflected the Portugal tour. The society net balance is c. 2000. He said that the renewal process was much smoother helped by e-mail. He reminded members that they have individual accounts on the WAGSite.

GR (Secretary) advised that the committee continues its work on a regular basis. A new insurer has been introduced this year as the previous one discontinued its service.

PB (Chair) invited the meeting to express thanks to each committee member. In the light of Fred Berring's decision to stand down as Finance Secretary, PB went on to detail the very significant contribution he has made in more than 10 years of service and the members supported this. Further, given his own decision not to stand for re-election, PB advised how much pleasure he had gained from working as Chairman.

Election of Committee Members

The following positions fall due for election under the bi-annual rotation rules of the society: Chairman, Secretary, Finance Secretary, Membership Secretary, Events Coordinator.

Peter Berring and Fred Berring are not standing for re-election for Chairman and Finance Secretary respectively.

PB proposed and RJ seconded Gerry Robinson for Chairman. PB proposed and MW seconded Rhod James for Secretary. GR proposed and FB seconded Chris Bunning for Finance Secretary. FB proposed and RL seconded Gerry McGuffie for re-election to Membership Secretary. PB proposed and MB seconded Stan Logan for re-election to Events Coordinator. RJ proposed and JS seconded Steve Stoner for Merchandise Secretary. RJ proposed and RL seconded Mike Beament for Handicap Secretary.

Motions for each appointment were individually carried unanimously.

GR expressed thanks on behalf of the society to both Fred Berring and Peter Berring for their enormous contribution to WAGS. They not only played a significant role in the creation of WAGS, but also have continued to steer it along the way.


Portugal 2002: GR emphasized that the early planning and hard work put in resulted in an extremely successful tour, the likes of which the members are hungry to repeat. PB asked the meeting to express a special thanks to John Bright for all his efforts.

Cornwall 2002: RL summarized another successful weekend and highlighted the not to be repeated Oakhampton course! PB thanked him for his 9 years of organizing.

East/West Anglia: RL advised that Chris Charman has organized for a tour to Ipswich, Thorpness and Aldbrough 16th - 18 May 2003. Details to be posted soon.

Other suggestions include USA 2004 (PB/RL), 2007 15 Year Tour to South Africa (RL), South Spain 2005 (SS).

2002 Season Dinner Dance

PB explained the history and background to these events. GR said the committee will consider how to move forward.


Fred Berring was voted in as Society Captain. He agreed to set about organizing matches in 2003.

Members Business

The following motion was tabled:

Proposed by Stan Logan, seconded by Richard Latham.
"That the rules of the Society be amended to allow members to invite lady guests to WAGS events (not including WAGS tours)."
[The sponsors wish to clarify that this is not a motion to introduce lady members to WAGS.]

Unfortunately, the motion had not been circulated a week earlier as had been intended. Nonetheless, the idea was discussed and attendees made their views known. The motion will now be issued (after checking by its sponsors) to all members inviting a vote by e-mail.


PB proposed a vote of thanks to Green Point, Duval-Leroy and Brass Monkeys for their continued support of WAGS


PB closed the meeting and thanked the members for their attendance.

Gerry Robinson
4 October 2002