Annual General Meeting Minutes 01/10/2003


Present: Gerry Robinson (Chair), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning, Steve Stoner, Simon Johnson, Rhod James, Mike Wells, Richard Latham, Mike Beament, Fred Berring, Simon D'Arcy, Steve Shaw, Peter Berring, Neil Gordon, Peter Middleton, Mike Dearden, Henry Koszarek, Bob Hill, Dean Casson (guest).

Apologies: John Stembridge

Committee Member Reports

Richard Latham (Fixtures) says that only 2003 fixture that has attracted criticism is Traditions, Pyrford. This venue will not be repeated in 2004.

Currently Byfleet, Lingfield and Richmond are penciled in for 2004 re-appearances. Wildwood will be dropped for 2004 (but not permanently). Crowborough Beacon is under consideration.

Chris Bunning (Treasurer) reports a cash balance of over 6,500 across the two Bank Accounts maintained by the Society. 2,500 of this represents Members subscriptions, so there is a net balance of 4,000. 2,000 of this is allocated to the next major overseas tour.

Steve Stoner (Merchandise) reports that there remain some packs of the 2003 merchandise item to be distributed. These relate to those members who have not turned up to events in 2003.

Mike Beament (Handicaps) reports that the current system of handicaps continues to work well, and that the average handicap level across the society has never been lower.

Rhod James (Secretary) reports that his role since appointment 12 months ago has been to co-ordinate the various functions of the committee, and ensure that everything that is supposed to happen actually does. To this end the committee has met regularly (about 9 times during the year). We have also recently renewed our insurance cover. We also retain our registration as an EGU approved Society.

Gerry McGuffie (Membership) reports that we retain 43 UK members, with 5 overseas members, so there is capacity for fresh blood in 2004.

Gerry Robinson (Chairman) provides report submitted by John Stembridge (Communications) to the effect that the event booking system continues to work well, and that the revamp of the website is ongoing, with input from Steve Stoner.
Gerry Robinson also thanks the committee for its work throughout the year

A point was taken over the WAGsite, and whether AFC Wimbledon should be promoted on the site, and if so to what extent. Concern was expressed that this was a dominant feature of the home page of the site and that the membership had not been consulted over this. A vote was taken with 8 present voting that AFC Wimbledon should not feature at all, and a further 8 saying that it should be less intrusive.

Election of Committee Members

The following positions fall due for election under the bi-annual rotation rules of the society: Communications Secretary and Fixtures Secretary.

Mike Wells proposed and Steve Stoner seconded John Stembridge to remain in situ as Communications Secretary. This motion was carried unanimously.

Peter Berring proposed and Fred Berring seconded Richard Latham to remain in situ as Fixtures Secretary. This motion too was carried unanimously.


Richard Latham reports on the success of the 2003 tours of Suffolk in June and Cornwall/Celtic Manor in September.

There was then a full debate about future tours, and particularly (a) whether there was demand for two tours a year and (b) whether we should stop doing Cornwall annually. Concern was also expressed about April being an empty month, given that the fixture list always starts in March.

The conclusions reached were as follows:-

a) There should be no blank months (viz April in some past years) in the annual calendar

b) Cornwall should retained as an annual tour

c) A second annual tour, earlier in the season, will be retained in principle. Richard Latham mentioned the possibility of a Welsh tour in June 2004, building on the success of Celtic Manor. He said he would take a mandate from the meeting to develop this proposal

d) If someone else wants to propose and arrange a different tour, they should bring the salient details before the committee for consideration.

Inter Society Competition - Byfleet - 8th October 2003

Fred Berring reports to meeting that WAGS will be represented at this event. Fred will captain a team that he has selected, consisting of himself, Mike Wells, Neil Gordon and Gerry McGuffie.

2003 End of Season Event Following the success of the Dog Racing Night at Wimbledon Stadium in January 2003, it was agreed that the Committee will work on another social event, to take place in January 2004. Ideas were invited to be submitted to the committee.

Other Business There was a discussion about Wimbledon Common as a suitable venue for future AGMs. It was agreed to retain the venue.

Close Gerry Robinson closed the meeting at 8.20pm and thanked the members for their attendance.

Rhod James
9 November 2003