Annual General Meeting Minutes 28/09/2005


Present: John Stembridge, Tony Bennett, Steve Shaw, Bob Hill, Mike Wells, Rhod James, Gerry Robinson, Henry Kozarek, Fred Berring, Gerry McGuffie, Mike Dearden, Peter Middleton, Richard Latham, Chris Bunning, Toby Caulfield, Martin Dilke-Wing, Peter Berring.

Apologies: Steve Stoner, Mike Beament, Alan Williams, Nigel Caulfield, Richard Young.

Committee Member Reports

Richard Latham (Fixtures)

Richard's report concerned fixtures. The first two events of 2005 (West Byfleet and Mill Ride) were poorly attended. Richard attributes this to the committee being slow off the mark. We have a good range of fixtures planned for next year. Chartham Park will replace Lingfield. Mike Dearden requested that the committee produce the fixture card earlier so events can be diarised.

Chris Bunning (Treasurer)

Chris reported that we currently have 7,800 in the bank of which 6,500 is on deposit. Of the 7,800, 2,500 is members' funds with 5,300 of cash. Of the 5,300, 3,000 is set aside for the 2007 tour fund.
Chris requested again that members should pay for events up front by post, to prevent him from having to collect money on the day.
Henry Kozarek requested that details of the Society bank account be circulated so members can pay by internet banking.
Martin Dilke-Wing urged members to keep their individual email details up to date on the site. Some of these are incorrect.

John Stembridge (Communications)

John explained the current website problems. Booking for the next event (Bushey Park - Saturday 15th October) should be by email directly to Steve Shaw and John Stembridge.

Gerry McGuffie (Membership)

Gerry McGuffie (membership) reported that we currently have in the region of 47 members, with a further 8 from overseas. In response to a question from MDW, GM reported that some 35 of the 47 members were active.
GM reported that concerns had been expressed about the aging of the Society membership with Steve Stoner having been the youngest member for 10 years. It was recognised generally that efforts must be made to encourage younger members to participate.

Steve Stoner (Merchandise)

see below

Mike Beament (Handicaps)

see below

Rhod James (Secretary)

Rhod reported about the regular meetings of the committee during the year.

Election of Committee Members

John Stembridge (communications) and Richard Latham (fixtures) stood for re-election. Both were proposed by Chris Bunning and seconded by Mike Dearden. Their re-elections were passed unanimously.

2004 Tours and Fixtures

Gerry Robinson reported regarding the procedure before identifying the venue of the 2007 tour. He described the "bids" that had been received for South Africa (Richard Latham and Gerry McGuthie) and Ireland (Mike Beament and Steve Stoner). He reported that further proposals to tour the USA (Bob Kiley and Eric Adamson) and Northern France (Mark Adams) were " in the pipeline".
Rhod James explained that the committee would stipulate a final cut off point for receipt of bids. Details of all bids would then be circulated to the members who would be invited to vote. A final decision over the tour destination would lie with the committee.
Richard Latham reported about the success of the Dorset and Cornwall tours in 2005. He also reported a school of thought that the Cornwall tour should be revamped. Richard will canvass views about this and make fresh recommendations in due course.
It was noted that the likely venue of the early season tour in 2006 will be Northern France (possibly La Touquet or Deauville). Mike Beament is working on this.
Finally RL reported regarding the arranging of a Turkey Trot fixture on Friday 9th December 2007, price 47.50, to include Christmas lunch. This is a one off fixture which will not count towards the VL. Places for 16 have been booked.

Captain's Report

Fred Berring reported to the membership about the West Byfleet team match.

2005 End of Season WAGS Social Evening (Friday 20th January 2006)

Gerry Robinson reported regarding the success of the 2004 end of season event and invited ideas for the corresponding event in 2005.

Members' Business

Mike Dearden asked whether there were any restrictions on access for Junior WAGS. Gerry Robinson explained this had been debated at committee level. There were no limits but it was down to the discretion of the member concerned to satisfy himself that the junior was of an adequate standard. It was suggested there should be a trophy for junior members. It was therefore agreed that the committee would look further at this whole subject

The meeting ended at 8.12pm

Rhod James
24 October 2005

Although not presented at the meeting Mike Beament and Steve Stoner sent their reports on Handicaps and Merchandise respectively and they are included below:

Handicap Committee Report

The role of the handicap secretary is to ensure that handicaps are in line with players ability and an analysis of results has shown that WAGS members handicaps are broadly in the right ball park, with few runaway winners in the events played thus far. Winning scores have in the main been between 33 and 40 points and nobody has been dominating the matches.
The 2004/5 season has seen the introduction of a new simplified system with half stroke cuts for the better players with handicaps 12 or below for a win, one stroke cuts awarded to those with handicaps to 20 and for the remainder a two stroke cut for winning an event. This only applies if an event is won with 30 points or more. This system has proved easy to administer and is transparent.

At present the distribution of handicaps across the 50 members is as follows:
Handicap 0-1222.4 %
Handicap 13-2038.9 %
Handicap 21-2838.7 %

As normal after the season ends there will be the annual handicap review and any adjustments can be made if the Secretary and his advisers feel it appropriate. If anyone does have an argument for a higher handicap then they should send me an e mail and it will be considered.

Merchandising Report

This year following the success in previous seasons of the WAGS bag of swag and the exceptional quality Ping white golf shirts the Merchandising Team did the hat trick with golf caps. Awarded according to the number of matches played at the start of the season these personalised caps came in Maroon, Black or Tartan (for those who have reached 100 events). Judging by the number of these worn out on the course they have proved most popular. We believe that going forward the quality of item is most important. Many different items have been chosen over the years and suggestions for the merchandising team are always welcome.