Annual General Meeting Minutes 18/09/2007


Present: John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB), Steve Stoner (SS), Rhod James (RJ), Magnus Robinson (MR), Graham Hansen (GH), Gerry Robinson (GR), Peter Berring (PB), Martin Sumpton (MS), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), Mike Wells (MW), Gary McCarthy (MC), Tony Bennett (TB), Neil Gordon (NG), Mike Dearden (MD), John Upton-Prowse (JUP), Gerry McGuffie (GM).

Apologies:Fred Berring(FB).

1. Minutes of last AGM - 27 September 2006

GR produced the Minutes of the last AGM. These were approved by those present.

2. Appointment of Committee Members for 2007/2009

GR reminded those present that Committee members serve for two year periods. GR explained that the position of Fixture Secretary (currently occupied by Richard Latham) and Website and Communications Officer (currently John Stembridge) were up for re-election.

RL and JS put themselves forward for re-election. There were no other nominations. Both were proposed by SS and seconded by PB, and duly re-elected by the meeting. SS proposed a vote of thanks for their agreement to sit for a further two years.

3. Fixtures

RL reported on changes during 2007. The AGM had been switched to Wimbledon Park from Wimbledon Common. The May fixture had reverted to Lingfield, from Chartham Park.

RL outlined the prospective fixtures for 2008 which are as follows:
March West Byfleet
AprilMill Ride
MayChartham Park
JuneSpring Tour (see below under separate heading)
JulySeaford Head
SeptemberCornwall Tour and AGM fixture
October"Northern" event
November Pine Ridge

RL explained that Steve Shaw and Bob Hill have swapped events. The Seaford Head event will now be the Shaw Shield, with the October being the Peoples' Trophy. Bob Hill will look to change the venue of the October event to another club "up north".

There was some debate about whether we should revert to Wimbledon Common for the AGM in 2008. A vote at the meeting showed a clear preference to stay at Wimbledon Park. It was agreed this will therefore be revisited by the Committee.

RL explained there will be another turkey trot in December. The New Year social event will not be at Barbarellas in Fulham and a new venue will be sought.

4. Reports from individual committee members

CB reported on finance and also circulated an income and expenditure spreadsheet. The Society has a balance of 2,344 going forward. CB reported that he anticipated that at the end of the year, we would have 500 to 600 to be put aside to a new tour fund.

JS reported regarding the website. He and SS plan to work on revisiting the look and feel of the website. It was reported that every member bar one is now connected to the site.

MB reported in relation to handicaps. He said the first eight events of the season produced eight different winners, which shows that the system is working. We have a good set of rules. MB invited any views to be submitted to him by email.

SS reported in relation to merchandise. The tour shirts produced for 2007 had gone down well. He will update the members' caps as we go along. PB pointed out that a new cap should be produced for someone who has played at 150 events. SS will consider this. SS also recommended that he would produce a new shirt for the 2008 season.

GM reported on membership. We currently have 40 UK members, 10 overseas members and 8 juniors. There therefore remains space for new members to apply to join.

RJ reported that the Committee has met the required number of times during the last year and that we continue to have sufficient insurance cover for the activities of the Society.

It was noted that MB will be away between December 2007 and July 2008. In his absence, GM will deputise as Handicap Secretary.

5. Tours

RL reported that Cornwall has been rebooked for the second week in September 2008. On the Sunday we will be returning to Woodbury Park outside Exeter.

There was some debate about the venue of the Spring Tour. RL reported two options. Firstly, Chris Charmen is proposing a return to East Anglia, with us playing Purdis Heath in Ipswich on the Friday and then taking a team coach to Norfolk for the rest of the weekend. The alternative proposal is to play in France. We could go to Le Touquet, and fly from either Lyd or Shoreham. It was suggested that we look to charter a flight from Lyd to Le Touquet, which SS said would only take 15 minutes.

The prevailing view at the meeting was that the French option was the better one. Things were left on the basis that RL would look at costings and come back to the Committee about this.

6. Members' Questions/Any other business

There were no further questions. The meeting therefore ended at 7.40 pm.