Annual General Meeting Minutes 29/09/2011


Present: Gerry Robinson (Chair), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning, Richard Latham, Mike Beament, John Stembridge, Peter Middleton, Richard Trinick, Steve Shaw, Carl Boorer, Peter Berring, John Quilter, Quintin Heaney, Brian Batchelor, David Middleton, Max Berring, Vip Patel, Fred Berring, Rob Jones, Mike Dearden, Gavin Flaxman

Apologies: Rhod James, Steve Stoner

1. Minutes of last AGM

The Minutes of the AGM in September 2010 were approved.

2. Reports of Members of the Committee

Finance (Chris Bunning)
CB reported that the Society has £5,086 in the current account and £16,362 on deposit account, a total of £21,448. This is made up of members funds of £2,967, the hole in one fund at £176, and cash of £10,925 leaving a society balance of £7,380. CB advised that the 2012 Tour fund allocation stands at £7,200 (£200 per head for 36 tourists) and if additional places are added will be increased accordingly.
Membership (Gerry McGuffie)
GM reported that UK membership currently stands at 50 which is the constitutional limit. This full house resulted from a combination of increased new additions and a low retirement rate. Junior membership has also increased.
Merchandise (Mike Beament for Steve Stoner)
MB reported that this season's item of merchandise, the WAGS glove, has been distributed (at least as far as C Bunning’s house for those members still awaiting theirs!). Interesting ideas were raised for 2012 including WAGS Shorts.
Handicaps (Mike Beament)
MB reported that there have been a number of handicap changes throughout the season in line with the handicapping system. All updates are recorded on the WAGSite and the number of winners and their range of handicaps indicates a well balanced system.
Fixtures (Richard Latham)
RL confirmed that in 2011, there have been record attendances not just for the regular fixtures, but also for the Dorset Tour in June. The Mini Tour of the south coast and “around” Brighton was also a great success.
RL anticipates the 2012 calender being similar to 2011 with the added 20th Anniversary Tour to Majorca in April. The current proposal is:
Website and Communications (John Stembridge)
The website was reported to be operating well by JS (the temporary updating delays caused by the operator moving house having been resolved!). Given the time required to look after the WAGSite, JS explained that his Communications role has been re-allocated within the Committee.

4. Election of new Committee Members

The position of Website and Communications Secretary (currently held by JS) became available under the usual two year rotation rules. GR explained that under a reorganised strucure, there has been a reallocation of duties resulting in the positions of IT Secretary, and Membership and Communications Secretary. JS stood for election to IT Secretary. With Quintin Heaney as Proposer and Carl Boorer as Seconder, a motion was unanimously carried to appoint JS as IT Secretary and for GM’s role to be enlarged to Membership and Communications Secretary, both for a further two year period. The members present thanked all the Committee for their ongoing hard work.

5. Any Other Business

Brian Batchelor led the call for a WAGS Ball to be organised. GR reminded the meeting that during WAGS’s first decade, these were regular events, so the Committee will discuss the idea.
Peter Berring raised the concept of Senior WAGS. This would be a group defined by age (old!) who would be eligible for their own trophies (given the onslaught from the Juniors) and who could organise their own Mini Tours. GR agreed to raise this in Committee.
Fred Berring asked about the WAGS Disaster Recovery plans given that there is reliance upon JS for the successful operation of the WAGSite. GR responded that this is a matter currently being reviewed.
Chris Bunning suggested that given Steve Stoner’s long assignment in Australia, consideration should be given to appointing another Committee member to cover for him. GR responded that this matter is being considered. GR added that on a general note, in a years time, a vacancy or vacancies on the Committee will arise, so he encouraged those interested in joining the Committee to make him aware.

Gerry Robinson
14th November 2011