Annual General Meeting Minutes 25/09/2012


Present: Gerry Robinson (Chairman), Rhod James, John Stembridge, Peter Middleton, Vip Patel, Steve Shaw, Andy Burn, John Quilter, Quintin Heaney, Tom Fawcett, Peter Berring, Mike Dearden, Rob Jones, Will Fairbairn, Magnus Robinson, Gerry McGuffie, Fred Shutes, Martin Sumpton, Dave Middleton, Bob Hill, Chris Bunning, Anthony Shutes, Simon D’Arcy, Richard Trinnick, Richard Latham

Apologies: Mark Adams

1. Minutes of last AGM

The Minutes of the AGM on 29 September 2011 were approved.

2. Reports of Members of the Committee

Website (John Stembridge)
JS reported the change in website host in December 2011 had gone through successfully. Over the next 12 months it is proposed to post lots of photographs. A separate photo site is being created with help from Magnus Robinson. JS also still plans to speak to Graham Hansen to get Graham’s input regarding necessary updates to the website.
Finance (Chris Bunning)
CB reported the Society had an opening surplus on 1 January 2012 of some £11,000. The further surplus for the year to date is £1,100. After deduction of the Majorca subsidy (£8,000) the current surplus for the Society is £4,222.
We currently have £5,230 in the bank with £1,368 on deposit, a total of £6,598. That figure is made up of:-
It was agreed that we will immediately transfer £1,000 of the surplus to the 25th Anniversary tour fund.
Merchandise (Anthony Shutes)
AS reported that the WAGS sweater for 2012 had been well received. The WAGS caps were also now all mostly distributed.
Fixtures (Richard Latham)
Richard confirmed the great success of the 20th Anniversary Majorca Tour, and another full attendance of the Cornwall tour in September. Given increased attendances generally, the Pine Ridge event in November will be members only.
RL reported that 2013 will be the 20th Anniversary of the Cornwall Tour. St Mellion have offered to provide a personal trophy. The 2013 tour will be the usual second week of September date.
Steve Shaw reported on Eric Warburton’s proposals for the first WAGS “Northern Tour”. It was agreed this should take place on the weekend of 14 to 16 June 2013. The golf will take place at Dunham Forest, Mottram Hall and Wychwood Park, with accommodation in Central Manchester. The cost (including all food) is currently budgeted at £387. This excludes the cost of the proposed coach from Wimbledon/Richmond. These proposals met with general approval.
RL reported on the 2013 fixtures. Broadly these will be:-