Annual General Meeting Minutes 29/09/2014


Attendees (25) James, McGuffie, Shutes, Trinick, Hill, Middleton D & P, Patel, Wells, Lee, Bunning, Burn, Latham, Batchelor, Berring P & F, Luscombe, Poole, Boorer, Stembridge, Dunsire, McCarthy, Gardner, Heaney, Jones

Apologies: Beament , Ayres

The Chair (aka Jamie Donaldson’s older uncle) opened the meeting and Q. Heaney ne Shakespeare refused to take the minutes.

1. Finance (CB)

CB advised he was very busy and confimed his and the Mrs’s holiday fund was in rude health. This was ignored, so the year to date accounts are as follows: Members agreed to vote another £1000 to the 2017 tour, despite Mr Dunsire’s plea to spend it that evening.
CB proposed maintaining the annual subs at £85 pa; this was not challenged.
Finally there are 53 fully paid up members with no pending membership nominations.

2. Handicaps(GM)

The new system continues to operate seamlessly and is quote “a dream” (wet?). There have been 21 different winners over the last 2 years - 18 single wins, 2 double successes and 1 three time winner (guess who Martin McKaymer). The most improved top 5 players wrt handicap - Hill (5th), Garner, Bunno, Middleton D and McCabe (1st).
Members are reminded that they can “appeal” to the handicap sub committee and should email GM in the first instance, to seek a review. The sub committee is made up of GM, MB and Fred Berring (Captain).
A vote was taken to increase Boorer C’s handicap by 1.0. This was agreed unanimously and Carl is now a happy bunny.

3. Website

JS to agreed to remove old names from the list of members etc.

4. Fixtures (RL)

Fixtures 2015: The following 2015 fixtures were proposed and agreed subject to respective Golf Club confirmation : Spring Tour 2015. Mr Wells proposal for a ‘Return to Banus’ Spanish tour was endorsed. There is to be no subsidy and Mr Wells will firm up details and costs. Note: Members to organise own flights.
Autumn Tour 2015. Mr Burn’s proposal for The Thomas Hardy West Country Swing as an alternative to Cornwall in 2015 was warmly supported. A new event the “Burn Butt” will be played over the famous Burham and Berrow course. 3 rounds of golf, accommodation, 2 dinners and mini buses is estimated at £425. Tee off will be late morning to allow for over indulgent evenings and a special “Cocoa golf clinic” available for early risers.

5. Merchandise (RT)

(RT). Mr Trinick’s garage is long on umbrellas waiting for members - please contact RT if you want a quality umbrella. For 2015 is was proposed that no new item be procured and instead carry forward the budget for future years. The numbered hats for attending 50+, 100+ etc WAGs events would however be continued.

6. Committee Elections

All current committee members except John Stembridge who is mid-term are up for renewal. The Chair asked if there were any new nominations. After a pregnant pause worthy of a soap opera wedding and in the absence of a certain Pirate, the following positions were proposed by Mr Batchelor and seconded by Mr Heaney:

7. AOB

Dr. Jones proposed that any surplus funds held on account when a Member “pegs out” be applied to the benefit of all members. This was unanimously supported and nominations sought…

And finally a sincere vote of thanks for the outgoing Chair was offered, supported and enacted. (weeping, gnashing of teeth – scene fades out)

Anthony Shutes
30th September 2014