Annual General Meeting Minutes 05/10/2017


Attendees Attendees: Robinson, Shutes, Hill, Middleton D and P, Patel, Wells, Bunning, Latham, Berring P and F, Poole, Boorer, Stembridge, Adams, Fawcett, Shaw, Fairburn, Heaney
Apologies Trinick, McGuffie, Dearden, Dunsire, and no doubt a few others!

The Chair opened the meeting after a long winded and modest speech from the new holder of the Berring Bowl. The Chair advised the Society was in rude health, the Lisbon Tour a roaring success and paid special tribute to Mike Beament and his generous £5000 legacy to set up the “Beament Swing” trophy.

1. Finance (CB)

CB advised he was now burnt out and would be stepping down. He managed to confirm the year to date accounts as follows:
Bank account £11,301
Plus members funds due £628
Less Hole in One Fund £1500
Less 2nd Hole in One fund £684
Less Beament Legacy £4815
Society Balance £4933
CB proposed maintaining the annual subs at £85 pa; this was not challenged. CB reported there are 50 fully paid up members with no pending membership nominations. 47 members had played this year, so far.

2. Handicaps (JS for GM)

There have been 14 different winners over the last year. The most improved top 5 players wrt handicap - Berring P (5th), Trinick, Dearden, McCabe (again) and Ayres (1 st ).

3. Fixtures (RL)

Fixtures 2018: RL proposed a similar number of venues with the usual spread of different days of the week etc. It was noted that attendance was at least 16 for all events in 2017 and as long as it was at least 12 or above, it would be considered a success. Two changes were proposed:
  1. to merge the Dearden Decanter into the proposed Spring tour
  2. move the AGM back to September
Spring Tour 2018
Mr Dearden’s offer to organise a ‘Kent Pirate Tour’ 8-10 June was gladly accepted. Proposed courses are N. Foreland, Canterbury and Walmer. There is to be no subsidy and RL will firm up details and costs – current estimate is £325. Note: Members to ensure passports are valid.
Autumn Tour 2018
Members fully supported RLs proposal to examine options and costs for a warm location late Sept/October tour – Spain, Portugal, Cyprus to be considered.

4. Merchandise (AS for RT)

Mr Trinick was away on a Zeta Tour examining best practice in various third world garment factories. He is recommending the 2018 merchandise be a sleeveless thin fleece/top Under Armour or equivalent, with WAGS logo. Mr Patel offered to help procurement.

5. Committee Elections

Four committee posts are up for the two year fixed term renewal. Nominations have been received following two requests to all members (the previous Committee meeting minutes and a reminder in the AGM notification). The following were therefore nominated and proposed by members present: A huge vote of thanks was given to Gerry Robinson for stepping in as emergency chair for the last 6 months and using his diplomatic skills to identify the next Chair. A huge vote of thanks was also given to Chris Bunning for his unequalled efforts and hard work as treasurer and hand over to young Bob Hill. Note – a search of the various professional accounting institutions has so far failed to find the name Robert Hill?

6. AOB

Berring F. asked for a status update on the website failure contingency plan (locally known as Stembridge gone AWOL). This important question has hung over the committee for many years. In the short term the committee recommends no action, as the current handicap system run by GM can be used to track the years events and VL etc (and has been tested with the help of Graham Hansen), which together with an email booking system, can allow the Society to work.
This means the historic database and other useful information would not be accessed, without spending unknown sums on an IT consultant. In the medium term JS is planning to update the system, possibly using python, and will report back to the committee on progress.
Adams M. wondered if we should increase membership if attendance at events was low. The committee agreed to keep this option under review.

The meeting closed at 2009 hrs and members staggered to the dining room for steak and kidney pie.

Anthony Shutes
7 October 2017