Committee Meeting Minutes 06/01/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the White Cross, Richmond
Tuesday January 6th 2004

Present - Mike Beament (MB), Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry Robinson (GR), John Stembridge (JS).
Aplogies - Rhod James (RJ), Steve Stoner (SS). Richard Latham (RL).

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the meeting of 11th November were accepted with no matters arising.

2. Annual Dinner
The evening at Richmond Rugby Club on 30th January has been advertised to the members. The proposed ticket price was discussed and agreed at 30 per single and 50 for a couple. With 30 attendees, a subsidy of 300 is anticipated. MB/JS will circulate the details on 7th January.

3. Fixtures
RL's proposal of 21 December was agreed and it was decided that the Beddow Dragon be awarded at Wildwood and the Thomson Trophy at Seaford Head. It was also agreed that for Seaford Head, an additional 9 holes at 5pm should be arranged (note RL).

4. Membership
Trey Delaney and Dean Casson were confirmed as new oversea members.
Subject to the receipt of application forms, photos and fees, the following were proposed and conditionally accepted for full membership:
Andy Burn (previously a member - MB proposed)
Martin Sumpton (guest at Pine Ridges - GR proposed).
(Postscript: Just in case we have a rush of applications, I propose that these conditional acceptances are open until 12 February [deadline for existing member renewals]. After that, their joining will rank on a first come first served basis along with any others. GR)

5. Finance
CB will submit end of year position to JS for publication on the WAGSite. Of the c.6,000 held, 2,000 is members' advances, 2,500 is allocated to the next Grand Tour and the remainder is the current account float.
The subscription renewals are ready to be issued. CB and JS will co-ordinate this. GR to see if SS can provide the fixture cards for sending out in the same letter.

6. Next Meeting
In early February. RJ is asked to set up dates for this and all meetings this year.

Gerry Robinson
13 January 2004