Committee Meeting Minutes 24/02/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon Village
Tuesday February 24th 2004

Present - Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Chris Bunning (CB), Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS), Steve Stoner (SS).
Aplogies - Mike Beament (MB).

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (6th January 2004)
Approved as drafted.

2. Annual Event - Racing Evening at Richmond Rugby Club
CB reports that Society have funded event to the tune of 575. Higher than expected. Figure includes 115 of VAT that was not foreseen. GR warned that in future, we must identify whether quotes we receive are VAT inclusive or exclusive.
Noted that Jeremy Whittle did not attend, having said he would (second year on the trot, although mitigating circumstances noted). Agreed he should pay 50%. CB to speak to him about this.
Committee notes the usual disappointing turn out at the event (26). Agreed we should revisit the debate about what we should do for this event, in June or July, so that for January 2005 it can be planned well in advance.

3. Finance
CB reports that receipt of 2004 subs cheques is slow. About 50% still outstanding. However there are no notifications of resignation.
Agreed JS to do immediate e-mail to the membership thanking those who had paid and asking those who had not, to do so immediately.
The non payers were then allocated to committee members as follows Mark Adams (RJ) Paul Beddow (JS) Tony Bennett (JS) Jim Best (RJ) Chris Charman (RL) Simon D'Arcy (GR) Mike Dearden (JS) Nick Driver (CB) Neil Gordon (GR) Paul Harris (RJ) Simon Henty (GM) Mike Humphries (GR) Nick Lypcynski (SS) Steve McKay (RL) Nick Petrou (CB) Steve Pimbley (GM) Steve Ramsey (RL) Steve Shaw (CB) Charles Staveley (RJ) Jeremy Whittle (CB) Richard Young (SS)
Agreed that these members will be chased in one week's time following circulation of the JS e-mail (see above).
Agreed also that no member will be allowed to play at an event without payment of his subs.
CB reports that deposits received for tours are:-
Wales (2) - RL and Nick Griffiths
Cornwall (4) - RL, Nick Griffiths, Mike Wells and Fred Berring
CB advises that bank balance is currently in region of 2,000, which is lowest ebb in annual cycle, given payment of 2004 deposits. This will gradually build up over course of year.

4. Membership
RJ advises that as at end of season there were 43 UK members and 5 overseas. GM confirms.
Noted that Simon Johnson has switched from UK to overseas membership, making figures 42 and 6. With addition of those accepted at last meeting, namely Andy Burn Martin Sumpton Trey Delaney (overseas) Dean Casson (overseas)
the figures are 44 and 8.
Noted that Martin Sumpton has paid his 2004 subs (so his membership is confirmed). Andy Burn has not. Agreed SS to chase. (Andy Burn's membership remains conditional pending payment).
GM advises about "welcome pack" sent to new members. This contains details of website access, committee members and how to register. All the above have received this.
RJ proposes 3 new members:- Alan Williams (seconded by CB) Anthony Shutes (seconded by GM) Mike Foxton (ex-WAG) (seconded by GR)
All were approved as new members by the committee. Cheques for subs produced for each. Numbers therefore 47 and 8, subject to payment of all remaining 2004 subs.

5. Website
Suggested by CB that summaries/agendas of both tours should be posted on WAGsite. RL/JS to arrange this.

6. Fixtures
RL confirms that all 2004 deposits have been paid and receipts are now coming in.
Seaford Head fixture has been extended to 27 holes
RL reports unavailability of Andrew Phillips to organise and attend Phillips Pholly at West Byfleet (opening fixture of season) on March 30th. Agreed RL to speak to AP to get him to nominate replacement.
RL to also liaise with JS to provide event details (including organiser) so that booking can open on WAGsite.
Further discussion about venue for overseas major tours. SS suggests he and MB could organise Le Touquet for 2005, given ease of access.
Recognised that in principle the next significant overseas tour will be 2007 (15 year anniversary). GR repeats position of the committee, for the record, namely that it will entertain any reasonable detailed proposal from the membership about the venue of such a tour. (So far none has been forthcoming).

7. Merchandise
SS seeks ideas for 2004 item of merchandise. Agreed that best idea is a smart golf shirt. SS given budget of 20-25 per member, to include some tees (which have proved popular). SS to progress this.

8. Handicaps
General debate about principles. Recognised by committee that there may be a case for treating low handicappers differently to high handicappers. Suggested by GM that one idea may be to continue to treat those from 15 to 28 as per existing rules, but only cut those from 0 to 14 at .5 a stroke.
Agreed that GM should join MB and Fred Berring on handicap committee. Handicap Committee will then make decision about:-

(RJ note - if any change to the system is decided, appropriate drafting amendments will need to be made to the existing rules on the website)
JS to alter existing handicap records on WAGsite to read Peter Berring 16 and RJ 23.

9. Other Business
Noted that Bob Hill has probably not received VL trophy for 2003. SS to locate (with help from MB) and get trophy to Bob Hill.

9. Date of Next Meeting
At the Rose and Crown again, on Tuesday 23rd March 2004.

Rhod James
25 February 2004