Committee Meeting Minutes 24/03/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon Village
Tuesday March 24th 2004

Present - Rhod James (RJ) (Chairman of meeting in absence of Gerry Robinson), Mike Beament (MB), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS), Steve Stoner (SS).
Aplogies - Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Gerry Robinson (GR)

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (24th February 2004)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes.

2. Merchandise
SS is obtaining samples for a Society polo shirt, which will be the 2004 item of merchandise. He is targeting to get the shirts ready by the end of April, which will realistically mean them being distributed at the May event (Lingfield).
SS will prepare a draft email to the membership asking for input in relation to shirt sizes. He will send this to JS for circulation. SS and MB will in the meantime liaise over design and colour and produce some final proposals. As agreed previously a set of WAGS tees will be included in the merchandise package.

3. Website
SS and JS continuing to work on the "revamp" of the site and will report further developments in due course.

4. Handicaps
At the last meeting a sub-committee consisting of MB, GM and Fred Berring was established. It was noted that in his absence, GM has submitted recommendations for 2004 alterations, to MB, by email in advance of the current meeting.
There was a discussion amongst those present about revisions that should take place at the start of the 2004 season. These were then put to Fred Berring (also present - by bizarre coincidence - in The Rose & Crown!). The following changes were therefore agreed to take effect immediately prior to the first event of the season.
Chris Charman - 1 stroke increase to 8
Fred Berring - 1 stroke increase to 9
Trey Delaney - Decided he should start the season at 25. Although recent email had suggested that he should start at 28, it was noted that he had participated in the last Cornwall tour on 24. Agreed therefore a fair compromise was that he should play on 25.
Martin Dilke-Wing - 2 stroke increase to 17
Paul Harris - 1 stroke increase to 7
Bob Hill - 2 stroke reduction to 20
Bob Kielley - agreed in principle that he should be cut from 9. Decided that further input required from GM on this issue. MB to therefore liaise with GM to make final decision.
Mike Longmore - 1 stroke increase to 13
Steve Stoner - 1 stroke increase to 13
JS to post these changes immediately on the website. MB to notify people individually and liaise further with GM about Bob Kielley.

5. Finance
A review was undertaken of those 2004 subs that remained outstanding:-
∑Mark Adams - will be paying at Byfleet event (so collect then).
∑Chris Charman - RL to chase.
∑Nick Driver - has emailed CB to confirm he will be paying soon
∑Paul Harris - RJ to speak to him
∑Simon Henty - RJ to liaise with him regarding matters raised by email
∑Nick Lipczynski will be resigning. CB to therefore reimburse to him whatever is due
∑Steve Ramsay - RL to pursue
There was a discussion about whether the Committee were prepared to sanction a proposal from an individual member that he could have a "tailor made" fee arrangement for the season. Say for example a member cannot make many events. Would he therefore be entitled to pay a reduced subscription, subject to Committee approval, at the start of the season?
Agreed unanimously that the Committee would not entertain such a proposal. If a member cannot play many events, that is reflected in his current account with the Society via the level of deposits that are rolled over into the following season. Any member requesting an individual package should be told that he either has to pay the subscription fees (like every other member), or resign, participating in individual events only as a guest (when invited).
The current position with the bank is that the Society has £6,382 cash in hand. Of this figure some £4,000 represents members balances, with £2,382 being the Society balance.

6. Fixtures
Four deposits have been paid for the South Wales tour (Griffiths, Latham, Staveley and Wells). Six deposits have been paid for the Cornwall tour (Latham, Griffiths, Staveley, Burn, Gordon and Fred Berring).
There are 23 current participants in the West Byfleet event on Tuesday 30th March. Agreed that Friday 26th March at midday will be the cut off point. JS to send a final reminder email to the membership.
RL reported on the South Wales tour arrangements. RL explained that due to a misunderstanding over the contract documentation with Celtic Manor, the Society had been exposed to a legally enforceable commitment to take 28 people on that tour. RL explained how following legal input from RJ, the arrangement with Celtic Manor had been renegotiated. The current arrangement is that the Society will take a "guaranteed minimum" of 16 people on tour.
It was agreed that in future, all written contractual documentation issued by Golf Clubs should be vetted by both RL and RJ before being signed.
RL has also renegotiated the deposit arrangements with Celtic Manor. The Society has paid £1,862. Agreed with Celtic Manor that a further £266 will be payable in 10 days, bringing the total payment to £2,128. That represents 50% of the basic fee (£266) for 16 tourists. RJ to liaise with CB regarding making this further payment.
Celtic Manor will require payment of the 50% balance in advance of the tour. No specific deadline has been agreed for payment of this balance save that Celtic Manor will submit a further invoice to the Society for this balance "in May".
Agreed that the tour needs to be vigorously promoted to the membership. RJ to prepare appropriate memo which will then be circulated to the members by JS by email. The appropriate details of the tour will also be posted on the website by JS (the relevant detail being taken from the RJ memo).
RL advised that no decisions needed taking about Cornwall at present.

7. Other Matters Arising
a) Sponsorship - JS reported to the Committee a proposal from Bob Hill. Friends of his run a garden company who would be interested in sponsoring WAGS. Agreed that MB will progress discussion about this subject with Bob Hill directly.
b) RJ reported to the meeting a proposal submitted by Mike Foxton (ex WAG but now new member for 2004) to GR. Mike Foxton works for Heart UK, a leading charity, who have 8 runners in the London Marathon in April who are seeking sponsorship. He is enquiring whether WAGS members may be interested in sponsoring these participants.
Agreed that this was a personal matter that the WAGS Committee need not get involved in. However there was obviously no problem in principle with Mike Foxton attending an event and seeking sponsorship on a "one to one" basis from individual members attending that event.

9. Date of Next Meeting
At the Rose & Crown again on Tuesday 20th April 2004 at 7.30pm.

Rhod James
25 March 2004