Committee Meeting Minutes 20/04/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon Village
Tuesday April 20th 2004

Present - Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS), Steve Stoner (SS), Mike Beament (MB), Chris Bunning (CB).
Aplogies - Gerry McGuffie (GM)

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (24th March 2004)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Finance
There was a review of the unpaid 2004 subs that were noted to be outstanding at the last meeting. Since then Mark Adams, Chris Charman and Steve Ramsay have all paid. Simon Henty and Nick Lipczynski have resigned.
CB reported that Nick Driver has requested the postponement of his membership for a year. GR reminded the meeting that there was a precedent for this (Archie Angus). It was therefore agreed that Nick Driver's membership would indeed be suspended for a year. CB to write to him to confirm this arrangement.
GR explained that come the 2005 season, Nick Driver will be at the top of the list. In other words if there are vacancies in the membership, he will automatically be allowed to rejoin. However if the membership is full, he will be top of the waiting list.
The only other member who has not paid is Paul Harris. RJ will continue to communicate with him to establish his intentions. It was assumed however that he will remain a member given that CB reported that his account is in credit in any event.
CB reported he has paid out Nick Lipczynski and Steve Pimbley (who has also resigned) the sums that they are due.

3. Handicaps
Following the West Byfleet event the handicap adjustments are Mike Longmore reduced from 13 to 12. Peter Middleton is also reduced from 24 to 23 under the formula. MB has notified both of them.

4. Fixtures
The Burhill fixture was discussed. RL reported that Mike Dearden will potentially be absent through injury. RL will organise the event to the extent Mike Dearden is not there.
It was noted that the actual details on the day are not available on the site. JS to post these details and email the membership immediately.
JS will also promote the Lingfield event (19th May) on Monday 26th April. RL will provide JS with the salient details to be posted on the site.
There was a review of the Welsh tour arrangements. 12 tourists have currently paid their 50 deposit namely RJ, RL, CB, Mike Wells, GM, Chris Charman, Charles Staveley, Steve Shaw, Eric Warburton (Steve Shaw guest), Nick Griffiths, Peter Berring and Carl Boorer (RJ guest).
RL reminded the meeting that we had agreed with Celtic Manor that we will take at least 16 people on tour. It was noted that we have had no commitment one way or another yet from certain other potential tourists namely Mike Dearden, Fred Berring, Simon d'Arcy, Nigel Caulfield, Toby Caulfield or Henry Koszarek. Agreed that those Committee Members present would discuss the tour with these individuals at the Burhill on Friday 23rd April.
It was also noted that various other individuals will be participating in the Welsh tour, at least in part, as follows:
-Gareth Andrews (playing Monmouth, then dinner and staying overnight at Celtic Manor on the Friday, plus golf on Saturday
-Ian Jones (golf at Monmouth then Friday dinner only)
-Martyn James (golf on Friday and Sunday only)
-Martin Earley (playing all four rounds of golf plus two dinners at Celtic Manor but not staying)
It was also agreed that RJ will ask for deposits from his three guests (Martyn James 75, Gareth Andrews 100 and Ian Jones 50). RL will ask Martin Earley for 100.
Agreed that RJ and RL will continue to monitor developments and liaise with Celtic Manor accordingly.
9 individuals have paid 50 deposits for Cornwall thus far namely Fred Berring, Nick Griffiths, RL, Charles Staveley, Andy Burn, Neil Gordon, RJ, CB and Gareth Andrews. RJ reported that Ian Jones is definitely coming and will chase him for his 50.
RL will email the various American tourists who come every year to confirm their numbers.

5. Merchandise
SS and MB modelled two golf shirts! After a lively debate it was decided that the WAGS merchandise item for 2004 would be a white Ping shirt (modelled by SS). There was then a lively debate about the size of shirt that should be ordered for various individuals!!
Agreed that JS will do an email to each member essentially saying this is the size that we are going to order for you now and that if we do not hear from you, that is what you will get!
Agreed that SS will endeavour to circulate the shirts at the Lingfield event in May.

6. AOB
MB has spoken to Bob Hill's gardening company contacts about their proposed sponsorship for nearer the pin. This is not now going to proceed.
SS and JS reported that the revamp of the website is currently about two thirds complete.

Rhod James
24 April 2004