Committee Meeting Minutes 25/05/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon Village
Tuesday May 25th 2004

Present - Rhod James (RJ) (Chairman, in absence of Gerry Robinson), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS), Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry McGuffie (GM).
Aplogies - Mike Beament, Steve Stoner, Gerry Robinson

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (24th April 2004)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Fixtures
RL raised the cost of the Wildwood fixture (Friday 25th June). This will only be 30 for members and 40 for guests, as things stand.
RL is to investigate whether we can play 18 holes on the par 3 course in the morning and change the surrounding start and lunch times accordingly. RL will therefore arrange this, change the price (if needs be) and then tell JS. JS will then advertise the fixture in the normal way.
It was also agreed that RL will approach Bob Hill with a view to his possibly arranging the event, in the absence of Paul Beddow.
RL undertook a review of the numbers for Cornwall. Those currently signed up and paid are Fred Berring, Nick Griffiths, Richard Latham, Charles Staveley, Andy Burn, Neil Gordon, Rhod James, Ian Jones, Gareth Andrews, Chris Bunning, Bob Hill plus a Bob Hill guest (12). JS said he would also be attending, and it was noted that Peter Middleton had said at Lingfield that he would also be coming. That is 14 thus far. RL reported that as yet there had been no positive confirmation from the American contingent as to how many proposed to attend.
A large element of the meeting was then given over to discussing arrangements for the Welsh tour. A final agreement was reached over the price of the tour, taking into account buggies at Celtic Manor, which have not been included previously. RJ will now prepare a detailed information e-mail to go out to all tourists setting out the salient details of the tour.
A budget of 220 was set for prizes, of which the Society will contribute 100. Chris Charman will be asked to organise the prizes, the details of which will again be set out by RJ in his e-mail to all tourists.
It was agreed that CB will pay the balance of 2,128 to Celtic Manor shortly. RJ is to therefore ask those tourists who are participating for the whole tour, and who have not yet paid the required up front contribution of 266, to pay the balance of 216 immediately.
Decisions were then made about lunch arrangements on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the tour, and meeting arrangements at Monmouth. Again RJ will cover all of this in his e-mail to all tourists.
There was some discussion about the format of the tour. It was agreed that the Monmouth and Wentworth Hills rounds will count towards the Victor Ludorum. The Coldra Woods round will not count. The tourist trophy will be awarded to the WAG who produces the best combined stableford score over the Monmouth and two Celtic Manor courses.
The format at St Pierre on the Sunday will be "Launceston" format i.e. four ball match play. RJ will again cover the tour format and all groupings in his email to the tourists.
There will be a handicap review after the Monmouth and Wentworth Hills rounds. There will be not a handicap review after the Coldra Woods round.
RL is to contact Celtic Manor to establish dress code. CB is to provide the camera.

3. Handicaps
The following handicap adjustments were made.
Following the Burhill results, Martin Sumpton is cut from 15 to 14.
Following the Lingfield results, Harry Koszarek is cut two strokes under the formula from 12 to 10. Steve Shaw is cut one stroke under the formula from 20 to 19.
These reductions were confirmed by GM as a member of the Handicap Committee. Mike Beament to notify the members accordingly and JS to update the site.

4. Communications
Steve Stoner and JS were congratulated by the Committee for the excellent job that they have done on the new website.

5. Membership
It was noted that there are currently 43 UK members and 8 overseas members. In addition there is one suspended membership for 2004 (Nick Driver). No new membership proposals were put before the meeting.

6. Merchandise
Steve Stoner and Mike Beament were congratulated on the work that they have done on the new WAGS shirt for the present season. JS produced some cash for Trey Delaney who wishes to purchase a shirt. Agreed that Steve Stoner will despatch this to him in the USA!

7. Finance
CB reported 6,920 in the bank of which 3,956 is members' deposits and 2,964 is the Society balance. Of the Society balance, 2,500 is earmarked for the next major overseas tour.
CB also reported that there are now no members (other than overseas where the figures are nominal) with debit balances.

8. AOB
It was reported that Burhill had approached the Society, inviting them to participate in a competition for Societies. This has been passed to Fred Berring as Society Captain to deal with.

Rhod James
26 May 2004