Committee Meeting Minutes 07/07/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon Village
Wednesday July 7th 2004

Present - Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ) , Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS), Chris Bunning (CB), Mike Beament (MB).
Aplogies - Gerry McGuffie, Steve Stoner

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (25th May 2004)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Finance
CB reported we have 6,846 in the bank. 3,270 of this is owed to members. The Society balance is therefore 3,576 (2,500 of which is earmarked for the next major tour).
CB confirmed that the golf shirts (2004 merchandise) have already been paid for.
The individual members' accounts have been updated and were updated by JS on the website on Tuesday 6th July.

3. Handicaps
MB confirmed that Bob Hill is cut 1 from 19 to 18, following victory at Wildwood. There are no other changes.

4. Membership
RJ reported (in the absence of GM) that the membership remains static at 43 UK members with 8 overseas members. No proposals were brought before the meeting by way of new membership proposals.

5. Merchandise
MB confirmed that the golf shirts have now been distributed to all UK members, either in person or by post

6. Fixtures
RJ and RL reported about the general success of the Welsh tour. Rolls of Monmouth was deemed by all to be an outstanding venue. Celtic Manor was good (but tough!). Feedback about St Pierre was more mixed.
There was another discussion about the wisdom or otherwise of two annual tours. It was acknowledged that there will always be demand for a second tour (i.e. other than Cornwall) but that given the experience of Suffolk last year and Wales this year, we need to look at very carefully at numbers in advance. 16 is about the target (and there were 5 guests in Wales).
Feedback from the recent Wildwood event was mixed. It was noted that Fred Berring, Society Captain, was particularly critical of the course given the new holes that have been incorporated into the course. RL said the advantage of Wildwood was relatively low price. He also said that as the new holes settled in, things would get better.
It was agreed that we would put Wildwood on the question mark list. Come the end of the season when we book next year's fixtures, we will inevitably want to discard some venues in favour of new ones. Wildwood would therefore be one that we would consider ditching.
The next event is Seaford Head on Saturday 17th July. It was agreed that JS will promote this again by email. There is currently only one junior WAG scheduled to play. Bob Hill is definitely organising the event. RL will speak to him.
There was discussion about the regular problem of what to do when a member pulls out of an event at a late stage. It was reported that Mike Foxton pulled out of Wildwood late the night before, after all the arrangements for the event had been made, i.e. numbers finalised with the Club and groupings/tee off times prepared. It was agreed that MF should forfeit his fee for the day which will be taken from his account. RJ to send email by way of explanation.
It was also noted that certain members are still turning up for part of the day at some events. The Committee had made a previous decision that in those circumstances, the member should still pay the fee for the whole day. It was agreed this decision should stand.
RL reviewed the position in relation to Cornwall. At present there are 22 definite attendees namely RL, RJ, CB, Peter Berring, Fred Berring, Nick Griffiths, Charles Staveley, Andy Burn, Neil Gordon, Gareth Andrews, Ian Jones, Bob Hill (plus one guest), Peter Middleton, JS, Bob Kielly, Eric Adamson, Eric Warburton, Steve Shaw, Anthony Shutes, Chris Charman and Carl Boorer.
It was also noted that the following individuals are "possibles" i.e. Martyn James, GM, SS, Martin Earley, Geoff Cowan and William Pound. It was agreed that the "possibles" will be chased up.

7. Team Event - Burhill
As noted at the May Committee Meeting, Burhill has approached the Society inviting them to participate in a competition for societies. This has been passed to Fred Berring to deal with. The event is on 3rd August.
Fred Berring is unavailable for the event. He has therefore suggested a team and reserves.
It was agreed that someone has to take ownership of this invitation and actually organise it. CB will therefore pick up this task and contact the prospective team members. The cost was noted to be 180 which the Society will pay.

8. Communications
It was noted that booking emails in relation to events are not necessarily coming through to CB. JS will sort this problem out.

9. AOB
It was suggested that come the booking of new years fixtures, in recognition of the fact that we have various "north of the water" members, we should look to play an event in Middlesex/Hertfordshire. Various nominations were put forward. It was agreed that the Committee will look at this when the 2005 events are booked.

Rhod James
8 July 2004