Committee Meeting Minutes 18/08/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the White Cross, Richmond
Wednesday August 18th 2004

Present - Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), Mike Beament (MB), Chris Bunning (CB).
Apologies - Steve Stoner, Gerry Robinson, Gerry McGuffie, John Stembridge

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (7th July 2004)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Cornwall Tour (10th to 12th September 2004)
RL reviewed the position in relation to Cornwall. At present there are 24 definite attendees namely RL, RJ, CB, Gareth Andrews (guest), Ian Jones (guest), Bob Kielly, Peter Berring, Fred Berring, Carl Boorer (guest), Simon D'Arcy, Bob Hill, Gary McCarthy (guest), Anthony Shutes, Chris Charman, Charles Staveley, Peter Middleton, Eric Warburton (guest), Steve Shaw, Martin Dilke-Wing, Neil Gordon, Gerry Robinson, William Pound, Andy Burn and Gerry McGuffie.
(RJ note - this has changed since the meeting).
A final reminder for the tour has been circulated by email. The cut off is Thursday 26th August. Four of the slots (out of 28) remain open.
CB confirmed that everyone has paid their tour deposit save for Bob Kielly (who CB will sort out on arrival), Gerry McGuffie, Gerry Robinson and William Pound (all three of whom are recent arrivals).
There was a discussion about the lodges and room share arrangements, which were noted by RL. Those present then ran through the itinerary for the weekend, which was noted by RJ. RJ will prepare and circulate by email a separate note regarding the tour details, nearer the day.
There was a discussion about the format of the weekend. As usual the Friday at Launceston will be a competition between England and the Rest of the World. To make the matters work, all of the guests will play for the Rest of the World team. The Latham Salver will be awarded to the best aggregate stableford score over the two St Mellion rounds on the Saturday. The Dilke-Wing Dodgy Dish will be awarded to the best WAG over the Royal North Devon course on the Sunday.
Martin Dilke-Wing has agreed to run a book for the weekend and has been briefed accordingly by RL.
There was some discussion about guest handicaps. RJ will liaise with Messrs Jones, Andrews and McCarthy before the tour to establish their handicaps. RJ to also liaise with Steve Shaw to confirm Eric Warburton's handicap for the tour.
RL reported that there is a club competition taking place at Royal North Devon on Sunday 12th September. We will therefore feature in the competition from 11.00am onwards (while still playing our own competition amongst ourselves). As usual the groups on Sunday will be determined in reverse order, according to performance over Saturday.
It was agreed that the basic cost of the tour will be 315. Each tourist will therefore settle his St Mellion individually (basic cost 215). Taking into account the 50 deposit that he will have already paid, he will then pay a 50 to WAGS to balance the books. Anyone who has not paid a 50 deposit will pay 100 to balance the books.
Separate arrangements will apply to RL, CB, RJ, Gerry Robinson, Gerry McGuffie and Fred Berring who will pay WAGS as opposed to St Mellion, to compensate for the deposit that WAGS has already paid to St Mellion. CB will sort the necessary arrangements.
The tour price of 315 will cover the following:-

Those who will be staying in lodges will be charged slightly extra (about 20 per head) in recognition of the superior accommodation involved.
Price does not include buggies on Friday or Sunday (if required) and any food arrangements at Royal North Devon (anticipating that people will want to leave soon after the golf finishes).
RJ to arrange prizes for the weekend and liaise with MB over availability of surplus merchandise for guest prizes.

3. Handicaps
MB confirmed that Bob Hill has been cut from 18 to 16 under the formula following his victory at Richmond. He has been notified.

4. Finance
CB confirmed that the current account stands at 2,775 and deposit account at 4,445 making a total of 7,220. Of this figure 3,075 represents member's balances and 4,145 the Society balance, of which 2,500 is allocated to the 2007 tour fund.

5. Membership
RL proposed Martin Earley as a new member. Gerry McGuffie to forward an application form to Martin Earley by email at Agreed that Martin Earley will become a member as from 1st January 2005 subject to receipt of signed paperwork and the appropriate fee, which he will be advised about in the New Year once 2005 subscriptions are settled. His 50 paid by way of a Cornwall deposit will be allocated to next year's fees.
With his arrival, we have 44 UK members and 8 overseas members.

6. Fixtures
There was some very provisional discussion about the 2005 fixture list. On a provisional basis, next year's fixtures (ignoring tours for the moment) are as follows:-

It was agreed in principle that we will look to find two new venues for the April and June fixtures. Various ideas were canvassed, but no further decision is required at present.
Venues were also tentatively discussed for a Spring tour. RL to speak to Mike Longmore about Dorset as a potential venue.

Rhod James
20 August 2004