Committee Meeting Minutes 09/11/2004

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon
Tuesday November 9th 2004

Present - Rhod James (RJ), Mike Beament (MB), Chris Bunning (CB), Steve Stoner (SS), Gerry Robinson (GR), Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge(JS).
Apologies - Richard Latham

1. Minutes Of Previous Meeting (18th August 2004) and AGM (29th September 2004)
There were no specific points arising from either set of Minutes, both of which were approved.

2. Finance
CB reported that we have 7,924 in the bank. Of this 3,133 relates to members balances, with 4,791 cash in hand. Of the 4,791, 3,000 has already been allocated to the 2007 tour fund. here was some discussion about the amount of the further contribution that could be made to the tour fund at the end of this year. CB indicated that we could probably allocate at least a further 700 to the tour fund, leaving a 1,000 balance in the main account.

3. Handicaps
It was acknowledged by all present that there need to be some changes to the handicap system prior to the start of the 2005 season. There was a general discussion about potential ways in which the system could be changed. At the end of the discussion the following proposal was tabled:-
a) No handicap cut will be awarded for any score under 30 points.
b) Subject to point a) (above) the principle of an automatic cut for victory in an event will be retained. However a banding system will be introduced as follows:-
i) If an event is won by a WAG with handicap of 12 or less, the automatic cut will be .5 of a stroke.
ii) A winner with an existing handicap in the range of 13 to 20 will be cut one stroke.
iii) A winner with an existing handicap of 21 or higher will be cut 2 strokes in the event of victory.
For anyone cut 0.5 of a stroke, a rounding system will apply. The new handicap will be handed up for the following events. In practice therefore it will take two events victories for someone with an existing handicap of 12 or less to be reduced by 1 whole stroke.
c) There was some debate as to whether given the above prospective changes, the formula should be retained. It was proposed that it should be retained (so the banding rule will also apply to someone coming 2nd, 3rd etc).
No formal vote was taken in relation to the above proposal. Instead it was agreed that the Committee would go away and think about this proposal prior to the next meeting.

4. New Members - Vetting of handicaps
In the history of WAGS, there have been several well publicised cases of people joining the Society on too high a handicap with the result that they have cleaned up on the prizes front. There was therefore a general debate about ways in which the entry system could be altered to mitigate against this. Again various proposals were considered.
It was eventually decided to stick to the present system whereby there is a review of the performance of a new member after he has played three events as a member. It was acknowledged however that this rule has not been applied historically as firmly as it perhaps should have been. It was agreed therefore that a review after three events should mean just that.
It was also agreed that there should be an amendment to the handicap rules to provide that after his three event review, a new member will continue to be reviewed on an event by event basis, for the remainder of the season. This is on top of any handicap reduction that may automatically be awarded to that new member given performance at an individual event.

5. Lost Ball Rule
At the AGM Mike Wells raised this subject. The background is that apparently there are different rules being played by different members, as to what happens when a ball is lost.
It was agreed that there was only one rule realistically that could apply in the event of a lost ball, namely, the proper rules of golf. That is stroke and distance. (Therefore if you lose the ball off the tee you incur a penalty shot and then hit what will become your third shot off the tee. If you get off the tee but then lose the ball from your second shot, you return to the position from which you hit your second shot, incur a penalty and hit what will be your fourth shot from that position).
It was agreed that RJ will draft an appropriate circular to the membership which JS will then send.

6. New Members
We currently remain at a membership of 43. Subject where appropriate to production of paperwork and money, Martin Earley, Peter Paul Kimmon and Pearce Elder have been approved as new members for the 2005 season.
JS announced that Steve Thompson contacted him recently and wants to rejoin. JS will obtain the necessary paperwork.

7. January Social Event
After a general discussion, it was suggested we attend the Blue Elephant at Fulham Broadway. GR to progress and investigate.

8. Merchandise for 2005
MB and SS will work on a "quality" golf cap as the item of 2005 merchandise.

9. Fixtures
RJ reported on the current position for 2005 fixtures in the absence of RL. The position is as follows (where a specific date is stated, it means it has actually been booked).
Wednesday 23rd MarchWest Byfleet
Thursday 21st AprilMill Ride (Ascot)
Friday 20th MayLingfield
10th to 12th JuneDorset Tour
9th to 11th SeptemberCornwall (Launceston and St Mellion booked, Sunday venue yet to be arranged)

As regards Cornwall RJ reported that we have not been able to get into Lyme Regis and Moretonhampstead (now under the ownership of Peter de Savery) is far too expensive. RL will therefore explore other options.
The other fixtures (where dates have yet to be set) are:-
July Seaford Head
August Richmond
September (AGM)Wimbledon Common
October Bushey Hall
November Pine Ridge

This leaves June to be arranged. RJ is liaising with his guest Carl Boorer over booking Foxhills.

10. Any Other Business
GR raised the question of dress code. Having attended the Cornwall tour for the first time, he observed that there was a broad range of sartorial elegance on display over the weekend ranging from jacket and tie to t-shirt. He proposed that there should be some clarity from the Committee as to what exactly was required. RJ will therefore draft a form of wording to accompany future event announcements.

Rhod James
11 November 2004