Committee Meeting Minutes 03/03/2005

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon
Thursday March 3rd 2005

Present - Mike Beament (MB), Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry Robinson (GR), Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS), Richard Latham (RL), Rhod James (RJ), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Minutes of last Meeting (20th January 2005)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Finance
CB reported payment of subs for 2005 from the following members:-
Fred Berring, himself, Simon D'Arcy, Martin Dilke-Wing, Henry Koszarek (post dated!), GM, Peter Middleton, Anthony Shutes, Martin Sumpton, Mike Wells, Jeremy Whittle, RL, SS, Peter Berring, Richard Trinnick, GR and Peter Paul Kimman.
In addition 50 tour deposits have been paid by MB, Anthony Shutes, Martin Sumpton, Peter Paul Kimman and GR.
It was noted that Mike Humphries has resigned. He has kindly agreed to donate his credit balance to the Society.
Funds in hand are 1,318 in current account and 6,280 on deposit account.
Those members (existing and new) who have not yet paid their subs were divided up amongst committee members. The following committee members will chase the following individuals.
RJ will chase Adams, Cook, Foxton, Griffiths, Williams and himself!
JS will chase Beddow, Bennett, Dearden and himself!!
GR will chase Best, Caufield, Gordon and Petrou.
MB will chase Burn and Staveley.
SS will chase Longmore.
CB will chase Charman and Hill.
GM will chase Driver (suspended membership for 2004) and Harris.
RL will chase McKay, Ramsey, Shaw and Young
There are then three new members who have not yet paid. Pearce Elder will be chased by MB. GR will speak to Gary McCarthy and JS will speak to Steve Thompson.

3. Membership
GM advised and RJ confirmed that with the resignation of Mike Humphries there were 45 UK members. If Nick Driver rejoins that is 46. This assumes everyone who has not paid their subs yet does so as asked. There are also 8 current overseas members.
The status of Martin Earley's application for membership was questioned. RL said he believes Martin Earley wants to become a member. RL to therefore make further enquiries and obtain signed application papers. It was noted that Martin Earley already has 50 in hand from the last Cornwall tour.

4. Merchandise
MB and SS presented their proposals for 2005 merchandise. This is the WAGS golf cap.
There are to be four different coloured caps. There is a gold cap which will be worn during the season by the current leader of the VL (as in the Tour de France).
There will then be a blackwatch tartan cap. This is awarded to WAGS who have played in 100 competition rounds. There are four WAGS in this category - Peter Berring and JS (who have each passed 100 appearances). RJ and Steve Shaw will both make their 100th appearance at the West Byfleet event in March 2005.
There will then be a black cap for those WAGS who have featured in between 50 and 99 competition rounds. Those are MB, Fred Berring, CB, Mike Dearden, Neil Gordon, RL, Mike Longmore, GM, Peter Middleton, Charles Staveley, SS and Mike Wells.
There will then be a maroon cap for those who have not yet reached the 50 mark.

5. Fixtures
RL took the Committee through the 2005 fixtures. These are already posted on the website. It was agreed that JS will send an email to the membership promoting the fixture list. He will do this at the same time as advertising the Byfleet fixture on 23rd March. This will be done early in the week commencing 7th March.
The cost of Byfleet (23rd March) will be 56 for guests and 46 for members. RL will ask Richard Young to organise the event following the resignation of Andrew Phillips from the Society.
It was agreed that the Society will charge an extra 1 per attendee (both members and guests) on all events from now on. That 1 will be used to start a "hole in one" fund. The next WAG or guest who scores a hole in one will scoop the pot. The remaining fixtures and projected prices (which include the extra 1) are as follows:-
Thursday 21st AprilMill Ride (Ascot)(54/44)
Friday 20th MayLingfield(57/47)
10th to 12th JuneDorset Tour
The course details are 10th June Broadstone, 11th June Isle of Purbeck (27 holes) and 12th June East Dorset - Lakeland.
RL will liaise with Mike Longmore to put together a promotional package to advertise the tour.
Friday 1st JulyWorplesdon (tbc)(99/89)
This is the Beddow Dragon. In the anticipated absence of Paul Beddow, it was agreed that Mike Beament will promote this event, possibly presenting an alternative trophy.
Given the price, RL was instructed to make absolutely sure the Society does not expose itself on a contractual commitment to Worplesdon. RJ pointed out that there is a dangerous provision in the Club's small print. It was agreed that RL will reduce the numbers that the Society is contractually bound to bring to the event, to 20.
Saturday 16th July Seaford Head(35/25)
This price includes food - which is not yet ordered.
Friday 12th August Richmond(75/65)
9th to 11th SeptemberCornwall
The Sunday event is still not yet arranged. MB, after consultation with Andy Burn, proposed Enmore or Cleveden. RL to investigate these venues and also explore the possibility of Lyme Regis once again.
Wednesday 28th SeptemberWimbledon Common (AGM)
No price as yet but anticipated to be similar to last year i.e. cheap.
Saturday 15th October Bushey Hall (tbc)(45/35)
Saturday 12th November Pine Ridge(37/27)
The date of the 2006 social event was fixed for 20th January 2006.

SS will now prepare the usual fixture cards and circulate them. He will submit a draft in PDF format to the Committee to ensure accuracy of personal details.

6. Communications
JS will put an entry in the website in relation to the hole in one fund. He will also arrange matters so as to provide for updating of section of the site which shows the total number of personal attendances.

7. Handicaps
It was agreed that MB and GM will liaise with Fred Berring to sort out and agree the handicapping system that will apply for 2005. It was emphasised that this must be in place - and reported to the membership by e-mail - before the time of the Byfleet event on 23rd March.
MB and GM will also liaise with Fred Berring to agree usual round of pre-season handicap changes, again before the Byfleet event.

8. AOB
RL raised the question of the 2007 15th Anniversary Tour. It was agreed that the Society should get into a position whereby proposals for the 2007 tour come before the September 2005 AGM.
It was agreed that before then the Committee needs to review any tour proposals so that a constructive debate can take place at the 2005 AGM. To further this process, it was agreed that RL and RJ will prepare an email to the membership. This email will invite proposals and in particular set out those specific matters that need to be addressed in any proposal.
RJ and RL are to bring this email to a future Committee meeting before it is circulated.
On a separate note, RJ is to prepare an email to the membership about the applicable "lost ball" rule. This follows on from a matter put before the September 2004 EGM by Mike Wells. This too is to be circulated before the West Byfleet event.