Committee Meeting Minutes 14/04/2005

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon
Thursday April 14th 2005

Present - Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry McGuffie (GM), John Stembridge (JS), Richard Latham (RL)

Apologies Mike Beament (MB), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Minutes of last Meeting (3rd March 2005)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Finance
A review was conducted in relation to unpaid subs for 2005.
Paul Beddow - he has been emailed and no reply has been received.
Jim Best - GR has called him and is awaiting a call back.
Chris Charman - CB will chase him.
Nick Driver - At his request, Nick had his membership suspended for 2004. He then asked that this facility could be repeated for 2005. A decision had been taken (following exchanges of e-mail between certain committee members, since the last meeting) that this could not be permitted and that Nick should either become a full member once again or resign. This was put to him and he is going to resign. His membership has therefore ceased and CB was asked to refund to him any monies due.
Paul Harris - there have been no replies whatsoever to various emails. CB is to establish, so far as possible, whether Paul wishes to remain a member.
Nick Griffiths - RJ reported he had heard from Nick and that he understood he had actually paid. RJ will investigate.
Steve McKay - RL to chase.
Nick Petrou - GR spoke to him recently. He will be rejoining. CB to email Nick with subs details.
artin Sumpton - he is rejoining. CB will chase him over subs.
Steve Thompson - JS has spoken to him. He has lost application papers! So JS has sent replacement. He will be rejoining.
JS raised the question of whether access to the members only areas of the site should be excluded to those who are no longer members. It was agreed that access should be refused.
The question of Martin Earley's membership was raised again. RL will sort this out.
CB raised the question of what to do about overseas members. They are normally charge 10 per annum. It was agreed that CB will email all overseas members and ask them to post CB a US$20 bill.
CB reported regarding the current finances. There is 1,086 in current account and 6,425 on deposit account, a total of 7,511.
Of this figure, members are owed 2,755 with a balance in the Society "coffers" of 4,736. Of the 4,736, 3,000 is set aside for the 2007 tour fund.
There is also 16 in the hole in one fund.
CB reported that 8 people are signed up for the Dorset tour. Namely Richard Trinnick, Peter Kimmin, Anthony Shutes, RL, CB, SS, Mike Longmore and, it is assumed, MB.
As regards Cornwall, deposits have been received from Gareth Andrews (RJ guest) and Bob Hill.
It was noted that Neil Gordon has sent a deposit. It is not known for which tour. CB will find out.

3. Membership
A membership application was received from Toby Caufield. This was supported by JR and seconded by JS. His membership was approved.
JS will add Toby's name to the list of members. GM will send him a welcome pack and explain about how he can register for the members only areas of the website. GM will also determine Toby's starting handicap.
RJ raised the general question of the extent to which new members have access to the site and featured on all the relevant lists. JS said this had all been attended to.
It was noted that Steve Cook has resigned. CB will send him a cheque for monies due (or ask whether he wishes to make a donation to the Society!).
A review of membership was undertaken. There were 45 members at the time of the 3rd March 2005 meeting. That figure did not include Nick Driver. From this number should now be deducted Steve Cook. It was also noted that the memberships of Paul Harris and Paul Beddow have now technically lapsed, under Society Rules, given that they have failed (repeatedly) to indicate whether they actually intend to renew membership. Strictly speaking the membership is therefore down to 42 at this point.
You then add Toby Caufield to this number and also, once his application is sorted out, Martin Earley. The membership number is therefore hovering around the 44 mark.

4 Fixtures
A final version of the 2005 fixture card was produced by RL, having in turn been produced by SS earlier in the day. RL telephoned SS from the meeting and instructed him to start printing the fixture card tomorrow i.e. 15th April. JS will send SS a list of sticky labels with addresses of all members. SS will then use these to post the fixture cards to members.
The next fixture is Mill Ride on Thursday 21st April. It was noted that the turn out for this event thus far is extremely low.
JS reported that there is a current problem with the website, which may have effected anyone trying to book in the last 24 hours or so. It was agreed that JS will get out an email to the membership on Friday 15th April. He will say in that email that if anyone has problems booking via the site, they should email him directly to book.
RL reported that the Sunday fixture for the Cornwall tour has now been booked. This is Cleveden, outside Bristol.
RL reported that he has made provisional arrangements for a "Turkey Trot" on 9th December 2005. This is available at Burhill for 45 a head including breakfast and dinner. If this goes ahead, it will not be a VL event. The VL will conclude, as before, at Pine Ridge in November.
It was agreed that the Dorset tour needs to be promoted urgently. RL said this was in hand with SS and Mike Longmore. RL will liaise with them to progress this.
The subject of the 15th anniversary 2007 tour was raised. RJ reminded the meeting where this had reached. It had been agreed at a meeting in late 2004 that he and RL would put together effectively an "invitation to tender" to the membership. This would therefore be an open invite for any member to put the prospective tour before the AGM in September 2005. A vote will then be taken at the AGM of which the tour packages will be chosen.

5. Handicaps
RJ queried where the process of fixing revised handicap rules for 2005 had actually reached. At the 3rd March meeting, it had been agreed that MB and GM would liaise with Fred Berring to sort out an agreed handicapping system that will apply for 2005, with the intention that this be in place before the Byfleet event on 23rd March.
Recent email from MB suggests that a final decision was made but GM was unaware of what had been decided, in the absence of MB from the meeting.
It was agreed that RJ will therefore liaise with MB as necessary. MB must report to the Committee what the final decision was. He is then asked to prepare an email to the membership explaining the changes. He is also asked to review the handicap rules as they appear on the site and amend them as necessary.
That apart it was noted that the usual round of pre-season handicap changes had been implemented, before the Byfleet event. RJ is to check with MB that those members whose handicaps were changed did actually receive notification.

6. Merchandise
It was reported that caps were distributed at Byfleet and that SS will now be sending out those that were not handed out at Byfleet, by post.

8. AOB
Given the low turnout at Byfleet (traditionally a popular event), and potential very low turn out at Mill Ride, there was discussion about how to kick start the season. GR will prepare a statement to the membership, to go out by email effectively promoting this season's fixtures.