Committee Meeting Minutes 28/05/2005

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the White Cross, Richmond
Thursday May 28th 2005

Present - Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)

Apologies Mike Beament (MB), Gerry McGuffie (GM)

1. Minutes of last Meeting (14th April 2005)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Dorset Tour
The current numbers are 12 for Friday golf (Stoner, Longmore, Beament, Trinnick, Kimman, Shutes, Charman, Latham, Wells, Bunning, Johnson and Bennett).
There will then be 12 staying at the hotel on for Friday dinner (James replaces Bennett, who is staying elsewhere).
There will be 13 for Saturday golf (both James and Bennett playing)
The numbers for Sunday golf are 14/15 (the above 13 plus McGuffie and possibly Stembridge)
(RJ Note - the above numbers have changed upwards since the meeting)
Steve Stoner presented the arrangements for the tour, distributing a written note (which has since been circulated to all tourists, and which is not therefore repeated here).
Steve reported that the Tourist Trophy will be awarded to the WAG with the best aggregate stableford score over the Friday, Saturday (18 hole) and Sunday rounds. Steve will also arrange the tour prizes.

3. Membership
Rhod James is to e-mail his list of members to John Stembridge and Gerry McGuffie, so current membership numbers can be checked.
Richard Latham to liaise with Gerry McGuffie to sort out membership of Martin Earley, which according to RL, is still planned. Committee decides that his entry subs will be 100, given Martin's late start to 2005 season.

4. Finance
There was a further review of outstanding fees. There has been no contact from Steve Thompson, who has not fulfilled his obligations to become a member in 2005. His name is therefore deleted from the membership.
Jim Best's subs are still outstanding. Gerry Robinson will chase him.
It was minuted that although Nick Petou's subs are still outstanding. He has however said he will be paying and rejoining for 2005.
Chris Bunning reported that Society funds stand at 8,741 of which 6,497 is on deposit and 2,244 is in current account. 3,368 represents members' balances and 5,300 is Society funds. 3,000 is allocated to the 2007 tour fund. The hole in one fund stands at 49.

5. Merchandise
Steve Stoner reported that all 2005 merchandise has now been distributed.

6. Fixtures
Worplesdon (1st July) will be advertised early. This event has a maximum of 20 spaces. There was some debate as to whether this could/should be extended and it was agreed it would not be (even if that were possible). The event will therefore be filled on a first come first served basis.
Bob Hill has agreed to arrange Seaford Head, which will no longer be the Thompson Trophy. It was agreed that Bob should arrange a new trophy and that this will be a Junior WAGS event.
There are already 8 Cornwall bookings, namely Gareth Andrews (guest), Bob Hill, Richard Latham, Chris Bunning, Steve Shaw, Martin Dilke-Wing, Ian Jones (guest) and Neil Gordon.

7. Handicaps
There is still uncertainty over what the actual handicap rules are for 2005. The committee asks Mike Beament to issue and circulate a statement to the membership explaining the 2005 rules, and also amend the rules on the WAGsite.

8. Communications
John Stembridge will post a feature on the WAGsite showing the accumulating amount of the hole in one fund.

9. AOB
Agreed that Richard Latham and Rhod James will now progress the process of inviting tenders for the 2007 tour, to be put before the AGM in September 2005.