Committee Meeting Minutes 14/07/2005

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon
Thursday July 14th 2005

Present -Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Mike Beament (MB), Steve Stoner (SS), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS)

Apologies Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry McGuffie (GM)

1. Minutes of last Meeting (28th May 2005)
There were no specific points arising from the Minutes, which were approved.

2. Age Limit of Junior WAGS
It was acknowledged that in the past there has been some suggestion of the existence of an age limit of 16. It was widely agreed that this was an unsatisfactory policy (to the extent it existed in the first place).
It was agreed that there would be no age restriction on Junior WAGS attending an event. However at the end of the day the participation of any given Junior did rest with the discretion of the Committee.
It was also agreed that the current rule whereby Junior WAGS could only attend at those events specifically designated as Junior WAGS events, would remain.

3. 2007 Tour
There was a broad ranging discussion about the logistics of selecting the venue for the 2007 tour. RJ circulated some draft paperwork at the meeting which he had discussed previously with RL and GR. Various amendments were made to the selection procedure that is being contemplated, and the Committee reached an agreement about the way forward. This will now be explained to the membership in an email which is to be sent to all members by JS.
Essentially individual members or groups of members will be invited to submit a "bid" to the Committee for the venue of the 2007 tour. Details of all bids will then be circulated on the website. There will then be an open discussion at the AGM on 28th September 2005.
After the AGM, a voting process will be put in place, whereby the members will be invited to express a preference over the proposed destinations. The Committee will then make a final decision about the venue with the votes of the members being an influencing, but not necessarily the sole determining factor.
The deadline for bids will be Friday 9th September 2005.

4. Fixtures
It was agreed that the Thompson Trophy will be removed from the list of trophies. This will be replaced by the "People's Trophy" which Bob Hill will now permanently arrange on an annual basis. It was agreed that the first People's Trophy competition would take place at Seaford Head on the coming Saturday i.e. 16th July 2005.
There was a review of numbers for Cornwall. The following 9 individuals are attending and have paid their 50 deposit - CB, Chris Charman, Bob Hill, Ian Jones (guest), Gareth Andrews (guest), Carl Boorer (guest), Eric Warburton (guest), Neil Gordon and Pearce Elder.
Also attending - but they have not yet paid - are RL, Steve Shaw, RJ, Martin Dilke-Wing, Gary McCarthy, Charles Staveley, Peter Berring, Bob Kiely and (possibly) MB. That is a total of 17 definite, possibly 18.
It was also noted that Simon Johnson will be attending on the Friday at Launceston. RL is to prepare the usual email advertising the event.
There was a fresh debate about whether we should carry on going to Cornwall on an annual basis or, if we do, we should actually change the Cornwall format. No firm conclusion was reached about this; however it was agreed in principle that we should not do a Cornwall tour in 2007, the year of the next major overseas tour. This is because it was recognised that in 2002, the presence of 28 people in Portugal had an adverse effect on numbers for Cornwall.
Mike Longmore and SS were congratulated for their successful organisation of the Dorset tour. It was acknowledged that Mike and SS have volunteered to organise the Spring tour in 2006. The Committee invited them to proceed with this.

5. Finance
RJ reported on finance in the absence of CB. We currently have a total of 7,597 in the bank, of which 3,067 belongs to members with a Society surplus of 4,531. 3,000 of this has been allocated to the next tour fund. As at 14th July there was 88 in the hole in one fund.

6. Merchandise
MB reported that certain important "anniversaries" were approaching. Tony Bennett would shortly make his 50th appearance in a WAGS stableford competition. MB and Fred Berring are approaching their 100th anniversaries. SS will arrange the necessary new caps when these landmarks are reached.

7. Membership
RJ reported that GM in turn had nothing to report on the membership front. The position therefore remains as previously. In particular there is no progress about the membership of Martin Earley who is not at present therefore a member.
MB reported that Paul Speller will wish to rejoin as a full member. It was agreed he should pay as a guest when he attends for the rest of the year and then become a full member as at the start of 2006.
MB also reported that he is about to introduce Jonathan Parker as a new member. He will bring him as a guest to the Richmond event in August and he will then apply to join.
GR has been in contact with Jim Best who has asked to take a one year's sabbatical for 2005. It was therefore agreed that Jim will be treated as a suspended member for the present calendar year.

8. Handicaps
MB conducted a review of the handicap changes that have taken place during 2005 thus far. They are as follows:-

JS is to update the website to reflect these changes.

9. Communications
JS reported three alterations that he has made to the website. Firstly the amount of the hole in one fund now appears on the first page. Secondly there is now a "live" report on the number of appearances played by individual members. Thirdly there is a new map facility in the booking area.

10. AOB
General concern was expressed about the increasing age generally of the WAGS membership. SS pointed out that he has been the youngest WAGS for 10 years!
GR said that we need to start thinking about how to go about getting Junior WAGS to become full members and how we can encourage that.