Committee Meeting Minutes 07/11/2005

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday November 7th 2005

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ) Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Mike Beament (MB)

Apologies Steve Stoner (SS), John Stembridge (JS)

1. Minutes of last Meeting
The Minutes of the meeting on 31st August 2005, and those of the AGM on 28th September 2005 were produced and approved. There were no specific points arising on the Minutes.

2. Finance
CB reported we have 8,008 in the bank of which 6,575 is on deposit. There is therefore 1,433 on current account.
Of the 8,008, 2,302 is members' balances with 5,706 standing as Society funds. Of the 5,706, 3,000 is currently allocated to the 2007 tour fund. It was acknowledged therefore that the Committee will be in a position to make a further contribution to the tour fund, out of Society funds, at the end of this year.

3. Communications
RJ reported information provided by JS. The on-going technical difficulties with the site will involve a considerable amount of time and input from JS to resolve. He estimates that 20 hours of his time will be required. He is therefore targeting getting the site ready for the 2006 season.
The Committee sympathised with JS's position and resolved that in principle it would make funds available to provide technical assistance to JS, if JS considers that appropriate and/or necessary.
JS is therefore asked to advise the Committee what third party assistance he feels he needs (if any) to resolve the issues over the website.

4. 2007 Overseas Tour
It was noted that proposals have been received in relation to South Africa (GM and RL), Ireland (SS and MB) and Spain (RJ and Mike Wells).
GR reported that outline proposals had been received in relation to a tour in the Padua region of Italy from Martin Sumpton. This is not a formal proposal as such at present and needs further work.
It was also noted that nothing further has been heard yet from Peter Berring/Eric Adamson/Bob Kielley in relation to a prospective USA tour, or from Mark Adams in relation to a Northern France tour.
The Committee decided to set a final cut off point for the arrival of proposals. This will be Friday 18th November 2005.
It was also agreed that GR will communicate directly with Martin Sumpton, Mark Adams and the USA "team" to ensure that they are each aware of this final deadline, with a view to giving them the opportunity to get their proposal ready.
It was agreed that if any proposal is not received by this final cut off point, it will not be considered.
There was some discussion about the procedure that would ensue once the cut off point had been reached. It was agreed that immediately after the cut off point, an email will be sent to all the members. This will attach full versions of each proposal received. It will also remind the members about the ground rules i.e. that although the opinion of the members will be taken into account, the final decision about the destination of the 2007 tour will lie with the Committee.
The email will also contain a questionnaire canvassing the opinion of the members. RJ produced a draft questionnaire at the meeting, to which various amendments were made during the course of the meeting.
It was agreed that RJ will arrange now for JS to report the 18th November deadline to the members (now done). RJ will also prepare a draft email to the membership and final version of the questionnaire, and circulate this to the Committee with a view to it being sent out as soon as possible after the 18th November deadline.
It was also agreed that the Committee would ask members to return the questionnaire by Saturday 3rd December. It was also agreed that as an incentive to complete the questionnaire, there will be a draw and 100 will be knocked off the tour price of the lucky individual who returns a questionnaire and goes on the eventual tour.

5. 2006 Fixtures
The 2006 fixture list is now complete and reads as follows:-
March - West Byfleet
April - Mill Ride
May - Chartham Park
June - Worplesdon
July - Seaford Head
August - Richmond
September - Wimbledon Common
October - Bushey Hall
November - Pine Ridge
The Spring tour will be on the second weekend of June. MB, SS and Mike Longmore are working on this, with Le Touquet as the destination. It was agreed that we must get the 2006 fixture card out as early as possible in the year. RL will therefore get the final dates to SS within one month i.e. by 7th December. The target then is for SS to print the fixture list so it is ready by the 2005 end season social event.

6. Cornwall Itinerary - 2006
At the AGM it was agreed that RL would revisit the Cornwall format. The Friday event in 2006 will take place at Lyme Regis Golf Club instead of Launceston. The Sunday event will again be at Cleveden.
There was a long discussion about the Saturday format at St Mellion. Should we play only one round (over the Nicklaus Course) or two. It was eventually agreed that we would stick to the two course format. However there was a view that we should reverse the courses with the Old course being played in the morning and the Nicklaus in the afternoon.
The Committee were fairly divided on this one. It was eventually agreed that RL would explore a new format with some tourists playing the Old course in the morning and the Nicklaus in the afternoon, and some doing the opposite

7. Turkey Trot - Friday 6th December
RL announced the details of this additional end of season event, which will not be part of the VL competition, which ended as usual at Pine Ridge on 12th November.
This will be a team event. RL will therefore forward the details to RJ so that JS can do an email to the members (now done).

8. Handicaps
It was noted that Nigel Caufield is now cut to 24, having won at Bushey Hall.

9. Membership
It was noted that there needs to be a review of the membership in order to agree current numbers, particularly as at least one member who has not played in 2005, has not paid his 2005 subs.

10. Any other business
There was some discussion about whether the Committee would be prepared in principle to agree to have a website link to the businesses of individual members. This was agreed.

11. Date of next meeting
The final Committee Meeting of 2005 will take place on Wednesday 7th December 2005 at 7.30pm. A venue will be fixed nearer the time. It is anticipated that a decision about the destination of the 2007 overseas tour will be made at that meeting.