Committee Meeting Minutes 16/02/2006

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Thursday February 16th 2006

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ) Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Mike Beament (MB), Steve Stoner (SS), John Stembridge (JS)

RL opened the meeting by reporting the sad news of the death of a former member, Mike Bartlett. GR will speak to Peter Berring with a view to an appropriate entry being put on the website.

1. Minutes of last Meeting
The Minutes of the meeting on 7th December 2005 were produced and approved. There were no specific points arising from the Minutes.

2. Fixtures
West Byfleet - this was organised by Richard Young last year following Andrew Phillips's resignation. It was noted that Richard has also resigned. RL will therefore approach Richard Trinnick with a view to his organising the 2007 Byfleet event which is on Wednesday 29th March.
There was a discussion about what should happen to the Byfleet trophy, the "Phillips Pholly", given Andrew Phillips is no longer a member. It was agreed that the winner of this season's Byfleet event will keep the trophy permanently. There will then be a new trophy for the event in 2007.
It was also suggested that if Richard Trinnick wishes to take over the event on a permanent basis, he may wish to provide a trophy himself.
The logistics of the Irish tour in June were discussed. SS and MB reported that this will definitely be over the weekend of Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June. We will keep to the usual UK tour format i.e. Friday morning to Sunday evening.
That being so, there are travel difficulties if we go to the same area of Ireland as had been proposed for the 2007 15th Anniversary tour. There is only one flight a delay to Killarney, and it is from Stansted. It was therefore decided it would be better to fly from Heathrow to Cork, where there are plenty of flights, both early Friday and late Sunday. SS and MB will therefore investigate the question of re-arranging the tour to be Cork based.
SS also reported that Saturday 10th June is the first England game of the World Cup. It is therefore planned to play in the morning and watch the football in the afternoon.

3. Memberships
GM reported about various new applications. Martin Earley has finally produced a membership application! This was proposed by RL and seconded by RJ. CB will contact him about subs arrangements and SS will send him a fixture list.
RL proposed and GR seconded the return of Graham Hansen as a member. Again CB and SS will get in touch with him.
Jonathan Parker was proposed as a member by MB towards the end of last season. GM has not heard from him since. MB will chase Jonathan up.
Likewise MB has not heard from Gavin Flaxman, who was proposed by Mike Wells towards the end of last season. RJ will get Mike Wells to follow this up.
CB will write to all of the potential junior members, following the creation of this new category at the 7th December 2005 Committee Meeting. Each junior will have an annual joining fee of 10 and be entitled to pay the reduced fee paid by full members for each event. In this way, the participation of each junior is subsidised.
As regards other changes, Richard Young has resigned, as mentioned above. Nick Griffiths is now based in Stockholm and becomes an overseas member, as does Steve McKay.

4. Finance
CB reported a steady flow of 2006 subscriptions but predictably still some way to go. JS will send an email to the members chasing up outstanding subs.
The cash position is that we have 2,144.47 in current account and 4,609.93 on deposit, a total of 6,754.40.
Of this total, 1,017.76 amounts to members funds. The Society balance is therefore 5,736.64 of which 3,000 is allocated to the 2007 tour fund.
SS raised the question of payment of subs and event fees online. It was noted that this can all be done provided you have an online account. JS will post details of how to pay online on the website.
CB repeated his usual plea about people paying in advance for individual events.

5. Merchandise
SS and MB will continue to "roll out" the programme of WAGS hats this season, for members who reach a particular landmark. It was noted that there are three new members of the 100 Club namely MB, Fred Berring and RL (currently on 99). Martin Dilke-Wing and Tony Bennett are about to join the 50 club. It was noted that all new members will also become entitled to a hat.
SS and MB are working on new Ping polo shirts as the merchandise item for 2007. It was noted that overseas members will be entitled to one of these at a price of 25 including postage and packaging.

6. Handicaps
MB will conduct the usual pre-season handicap review. It was noted however that Bob Hill as winner of the VL in 2005 is cut two strokes from 14 to 12.

7. Communications
JS was congratulated for the hard work he has put in in getting the website up and running again. It was remarked that the absence of a website that was properly functioning actually emphasised how important the site has become to the smooth operation of the Society.

8. Alteration of Victor Ludorum Rules for 2007
It was proposed that we should change the VL rules for 2007. The system at present rewards people who attend the high scoring events. It was therefore proposed that we should have a system which does not differentiate between the relative difficulties of different courses.
SS suggested we could adopt an approach based on Formula 1. Say you take the top 12 members in any event and award 12 points to first place, 11 points to second place and so on. That is the scoring system whatever the course.
There was then debate as to whether there should be a cap on the number of qualifying rounds at all. Under the current system you take your best six scores. It was suggested we should scrap this limit and again have a system like Formula 1 where every round you participate in counts.
It was felt on reflection that removing the cap would reward those people who had more time on their hands and punish those who had family/work commitments. It was therefore agreed we would retain the cap but possibly extend it to you best 7 events as opposed to 6.
The Committee agreed to go away and think through this proposal with a view to making a final decision at the March Committee meeting which will be before the Byfleet event.

9. Any other business
RJ reported he had extended the insurance cover of the Society through to 100 members, to include the 3 categories of UK overseas and junior. JS reported that the WAGS domain name had been signed up for another three years. RJ reported that the EGU membership for the Society had been renewed for 2007.