Committee Meeting Minutes 12/03/2007

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday March 12th 2007

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Richard Latham (RL), Gerry McGuffie (GM)

Apologies Steve Stoner (SS), Mike Beament (MB)

Also in attendance Mike Wells (MW)

1. Previous Meeting
1GR referred to the Minutes of the last meeting (18th January 2007). These were approved.

2. Finances
CB reported in relation to the current figures. We have 4,229 in current account and 719 in the deposit account. That is a total of 4,948.
Of this figure, 2,394 is members balances (of which 516 is the hole in one fund).
CB also reported that there is surplus funds in relation to the Spanish tour of 680, 400 of which is allocated to prizes.
RJ reported that he had been notified by the tour company that Monarch would be imposing Air Passenger Duty, with the result that the price that we had been charged by Blue Bay would be increased. At the time of the meeting RJ did not know the amount of the increase. It was also noted that this would only apply to the 28 tourists who were flying with Monarch. Separate arrangements would apply to the 5 tourists who have made their own travel arrangements (Bob Hill, Peter Middleton, Gary McCarthy, Eric Warburton and Steve Shaw).
The view was taken that pending RJ finding out the exact amount of the increase, the increase should be charged on to the 28 tourists with the amount in question being debited to their individual accounts by CB. This would mean that the surplus cash in the tour kitty would remain untouched.
(Since the meeting, RJ has established that the increase will only be 5 per tourist. This sum will be debited to individual accounts).
There was then a review of 2007 subs. The non-payment of certain individuals was noted. It was agreed that these would be chased up. Various committee members were allocated tasks.
CB will prepare an updated profit and loss account and members balances, to be posted on the website.

3. Membership
CB pointed out that in his request for payment of subs, he had said that if someone has not paid by the end of February 2007 it will be assumed they are resigning. It was noted however that we had never strictly enforced this rule.
The Committee were reminded that Steve Ramsey has resigned. It was noted that Martin Earley has never paid any subs. For the avoidance of doubt, it was agreed that his membership (if he technically is a member) should be terminated. It was also noted that the Society has not heard from Jim Best for a considerable period of time and it was therefore assumed that his membership has terminated.

4. Website/Communications
JS said there was nothing to report in this heading. It was agreed however that RJ will check his records of membership and send these to JS and GM so all records can be co-ordinated.

5. Handicaps
It was noted that these are all up to date on the website, and incorporate the comprehensive review undertaken by MB and GM over the winter break. The only exception is Martin Dilke-Wing. Following his win at Pine Ridge at the end of last season, he should be reduced to 16. JS to make this amendment.

6. Merchandise
RJ commented on the email earlier in the day from SS. Apparently he and MB are unable to secure the proposed red and yellow (Spanish colours) tour polo shirt. No supplier does this colour combination. SS will therefore come up with some alternatives with these definitely being ready for circulation prior to the tour.

7. Fixtures
RL reported that the one missing fixture for 2007 i.e. the Sunday of the Cornwall tour has now been booked. This will be Teign Valley (near Newton Abbott).

8. Spanish Tour
The meeting concluded with RJ and Mike Wells dealing with various points in relation to the Spanish Tour. The proposed room shares were agreed.
RJ confirmed that the package does not include golfers insurance. RJ was asked to do an email to all tourists asking them to take out their own travel insurance arrangements. A draw was then made for groupings on the first four days of the tour, and also for the WAGS FA Cup. RJ and Mike Wells are to circulate a comprehensive itinerary/brochure covering tour arrangements and the draws, in advance of the tour.