Committee Meeting Minutes 04/06/2007

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday June 4th 2007

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Steve Stoner (SS), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Richard Latham (RL), Mike Beament (MB)

1. Previous Meeting
GR produced the Minutes of the last Committee Meeting dated 16th April 2007. These were approved without comment.

2. Membership
The current membership stands at 40 (UK members only), excluding junior members. The status of Colin Milligan's application was reviewed. (He is included in the 40). GM is liaising with Colin over joining details (his application having been approved at an earlier meeting).
The only 2 members who have not paid their 2007 subs are Mark Adams (now sorted out) and Mike Foxton (RJ to sort out)

3. Fixtures
RL to prepare tour specification for the 2007 Cornish tour (now done and circulated).

4. Merchandise
SS reported that all cap upgrades have been ordered and dispatched. SS noted that some members are approaching the 100 club later in the season. SS will arrange for these to be dealt with aswell. SS also confirmed that all members have now received the 2007 merchandise (the Project Manana shirt).

5. Website
Noted that (probably due to embarrassment), there is not much photography from the Spanish tour in circulation as yet. JS to therefore do e-mail to the membership, calling for all tour photographs to be sent to him.

6. Finances
CB reported the latest figures. 3,630 in current account and 778 on deposit. Of these figures, 2,985 is members' money, and 1,450 is Society funds.

7. Other Business
This being the first committee meeting since the 15th Anniversary Spanish Tour, it was asked that thanks to Mike Wells and RJ be formally minuted.

8. Next Meeting
Monday 20th August 2007 - 7.30 Rose and Crown