Committee Meeting Minutes 28/01/2008

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday January 28th 2008

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Richard Latham (RL), Gerry McGuffie (GM)

Apologies Steve Stoner (SS), Mike Beament (MB)

1. Minutes of Last Meeting
The minutes of the 5.11.2007 meeting were produced and approved

2. Membership
Prior to the meeting RJ and GM had co-ordinated their records. These were produced to the meeting, showing 37 definite members at the end of the 2007 season. CB confirmed this matches his records.
The resignation of Mike Foxton was noted. The resignation of Alan Williams is assumed (but RJ to check). Anthony Shutes becomes an overseas member. The 37 figure is after taking these changes into account.

4 new members were tabled for consideration.

All 4 applications were approved. They will join as new members in 2008. The membership therefore now stands at 41.
Various other expressions of interest were noted GM advised about the procedure for those now voted in JS to note e-mail addresses for mailing list.

3. Finance
CB advised that the annual sub for 2008 will be 85. In addition the usual 10 deposit per non tour fixture will be payable, so 90 (there being 9 "home" fixtures), making a total of 175 per member. As ever, any credit (or deficit!) from 2007 will be brought forward with members being required to make up the balance. We currently have funds of 4,494 in the bank (797 on deposit, 3,697 in current account).

The 4,494 consists of:

4. 2008 Fixtures
RL reported about these. The 2008 fixtures will be as follows:-

The Spring Tour to Le Touquet is NOT yet arranged (and no progress could be made over this in the absence of SS). The Committee noted however the differing views that were being expressed (both inside and outside the meeting) about the date of this tour.
Having considered the timing of other fixtures and bank holidays, it was agreed that the only realistic weekends to do this tour were 9th to11th May, or 6th to 8th June 2008. Put to the vote, the Committee preferred to fix this tour for 9th to 11th May 2008.
SS was therefore asked to report back urgently about the status of the tour and fix it or this weekend (unless other arrangements were already in place). RL to follow this up with SS.
RL to also liaise with SS over production of the 2008 fixture list. SS to circulate draft to Committee Members as a matter of urgency.

6. Website and Communications
JS indicated there was nothing to report.

7. WAGS 2008 Social event
The event arranged for Friday 1st February was cancelled due to lack of interest. RL to notify those who have said they are coming.
It was agreed instead that there will be an informal get together on Friday 14th March starting at 7.30pm at the Rose and Crown Wimbledon Village, the idea being that members and guests can come with or without wives/partners/children for drinks followed by probably other pubs then a curry. This will be advertised nearer the time.

8. Merchandise
There was a debate about what the 2008 item should be. SS is asked to consider WAGS head covers, Golf Balls and/or Umbrellas. It was felt that we have enough polo shirts at present.

9. Other Business
RJ advised that the EGU was terminating its approved Society scheme as from 31st December 2007. RJ advised however that we should continue to refer to our historic accreditation on the Website. RJ will revisit the wording on the Site.

RDFJ 29.1.2008