Committee Meeting Minutes 10/03/2008

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday March 10th 2008

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Gerry McGuffie (GM)

Apologies Mike Beament (MB), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the 28.1.08 meeting were produced and approved.

2. 2008 Fixtures
Mild concern was expressed over the slow take up of numbers for the Le Touquet visit on 9th to 11th May. A count was taken of the present numbers. It was agreed that CB will speak to Simon Johnson. Simon and SS will then make a final decision about the minimum numbers required in order to make the tour viable.
It was noted that Richard Trinnick is absent for the first event of the season (West Byfleet on Wednesday 26th March). CB will handle organisation in Richard's absence.

3. Finances
There is currently 5,028 in current account and 797 on deposit, a total of 5,824. This divides (a) 2,674 of members' funds (b) 37 in the hole in one fund (c) a Society balance of 3,113 (of which 1,000 is allocated to the next major tour fund).
A review was undertaken of those members who have not paid their 2008 subscriptions. Various members of the Committee were given chasing duties!
It was agreed once again that junior members will be charged 10 each by way of a subscription. This is to be debited to their respective father's account.

4. Membership
The number of full members for the start of the 2008 season was agreed at 40. This includes the five new members recently voted in namely Gavin Flaxman, Mike Lee, Mike Luscombe, Chris Taylor and Simon Marat.
It was noted that Mike Foxton, Peter Paul Kimman and Mike Longmore have all resigned (so are excluded from the 40). The number of 40 also assumes the resignation of Alan Williams.
(RJ note - the resignation of Alan Williams has since been confirmed).
It was also noted that there are four prospective further new members who have not yet been "pinned down" namely Chris Stokes, Mike Gardner, James Hanham and Ian Chappell.
These numbers do not include overseas members (currently 11) and junior members (currently 8).