Committee Meeting Minutes 28/04/2008

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday April 28th 2008

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Gerry McGuffie (GM)

Apologies Gerry McGuffie, Mike Beament (MB), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the 10.3.08 meeting were produced and approved.

2. Finance
We currently have 6,699 in the Bank. 5,896 is in current account and 803 on deposit. The sum of 6,699 is allocated (a) 3,260 members' funds, (b) 77 hole in one fund, (c) society balance 3,362, of which 1,000 is currently allocated to the next major overseas tour.
2008 subscriptions are well in hand, the only outstanding payments being those due from Andy Burn, Mike Beament, Chris Charman, Neil Gordon and Colin Milligan. CB will follow these up, as well as updating the individual members' accounts. He will send these to JS to update on the website.

3. Membership
Mike Gardner was proposed as a member by RJ and seconded by GR. His membership was approved. GM is to follow this up.
Quintin Heaney was proposed as a new member by Peter Berring, and again seconded by GR. This too was approved. GM will again follow this up. (GM to obtain Quintin Heaney's email address from Peter Berring, if this is not to hand).
Subject to payment of 2008 subs by those from whom this is outstanding, the number of UK members now stands at 42.

4. Fixtures
There was some debate about why there were insufficient numbers to support the French tour over the weekend of 9th to 11th May. It was agreed that for the 2009 spring tour, we need to identify the venue and supporters/organisers well before the end of 2008, in order to get as much in principle agreed as possible before year end.

5. Handicaps
Magnus Robinson is cut from 24 to 22 for winning West Byfleet. Martin Sumpton is reduced from 12 to 11.5 (rounded back up to 12) for winning at Mill Ride. GR to communicate the news to these lucky individuals

6. Merchandise
The Committee reviewed an email from SS dated 21st April. SS was mandated to get on with the proposals in that e-mail.

7. Communications
In the same email SS made a point about website information. There is a regular problem with members not updating their own details on the website. It was agreed that SS and JS will organise things to give GM access to all areas on the website. GM can then update details once a member joins.
It was noted there have been some historic concerns about data protection. It was agreed that a form of wording will be added to the membership application form to the effect that the applicant agrees to his information going on the site and being available to other third parties. (RJ Note - would GM attend to this).
JS will prepare a link which will be activated when a member logs on. This will prompt the individual to check that their website details are correct.
JS will also add a reminder to the next event booking announcement that again the member concerned should go to the site and check their details.