Committee Meeting Minutes 07/07/2008

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday July 7th 2008

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Gerry McGuffie, Mike Beament (MB), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the previous meeting were produced and approved.

2 Fixtures
There are significant developments which impact on this year's Cornwall tour. St Mellion will host the English Open from 2009. As a result extensive works are being carried out to the Nicklaus Course. During April to October 2008, only 9 holes of the course will be open.
Various options were discussed about what we should do. We could play only 27 holes on the Saturday (9 on the Nicklaus, 18 on the Old Course). Alternatively we have been told that if went to play 36 holes, St Mellion will "find" us a further 9 holes. This appears to be a fairly unsatisfactory mixture of playing a few further holes on the Nicklaus holes (in between building works!) with a few additional holes on the Old Course to make up the numbers.
The third alternative is to play the Old Course but then play 18 holes somewhere else locally. Things were left on the basis that RL will investigate further. He will be in Cornwall shortly and a final decision will then be made about the format of the tour.
It was agreed that the Latham Salver will this year be played over the Friday course (Lyme Regis) and the Old Course on Saturday. The Saturday morning round will probably then end up being a fun round. If that happens the Dilke-Wing Dodgy Dish will take place on the Sunday.
RL ran through the current numbers of people coming to Cornwall. Once a decision has been made about the format, he will circulate the membership to promote the event.

3. Finance
CB reported we have 5,463 in the bank. 1,654 is on current account and 3,809 on deposit. Of the 5,463, 2,378 is members' funds 118 is the hole in one fund, leaving a Society balance of 2,969. Of the 2,969, 1,000 is allocated to the next tour fund.
JS was asked to amend the hole in one details on the website which currently shows a different figure.
CB reported on those 4 members who have yet to pay their subscriptions.

4. Merchandise
SS reported that he has been handing out merchandise on the spot to people who have played in events. He therefore still has the 2008 merchandise for those people who have not played yet. SS confirmed that only full UK members get the merchandise.

5. Handicaps
GM reported that this is all under control. MB will now assume responsibility again following his return from his world tour. Bob Hill is cut from 13 to 12 following his victory at Seaford Head.

6. Membership
RJ confirmed that UK membership currently stands at 42.

7. Communications
SS said he still had difficulty with the site when identifying the distinction between existing members and lapsed members. JS will address this point.

8. Any Other Business
SS raised the issue that under WAGS Rules, it is not possible to get more than 4 points on a hole in a stableford competition. JS explained that the origin of this decision was under EGU Rules. RJ reminded everyone that we no longer have our EGU membership because of the decision of the EGU to stop covering Societies.
SS therefore proposed that as from the start of the 2009 season, the 4 point limit be removed. This motion was passed.
There was some further debate about why the Spring Tour did not happen. The point was made that cost was a relevant factor. SS pointed out the lack of availability, on the weekend in question, of many of the members of the committee who actually voted for that weekend!