Committee Meeting Minutes 01/09/2008

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday September 1st 2008

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), John Stembridge (JS), Gerry McGuffie, Mike Beament (MB), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)
Apologies Chris Bunning (CB)

1. Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the previous meeting were produced and approved.

2. Finance
RJ reported in the absence of CB. We have not been invoiced for either the Betchworth Park to Richmond fixtures this season. CB has therefore put aside an allowance having calculated what we will have to pay. The following figures are therefore after taking into account that allowance.
We have 1,659 in current account and 3,809 on deposit. That is a total of 5,468. Of this figure, 1,971 is retained funds for members, the hole in one fund stands at 162, and there is therefore a Society balance of 3,335. 1,000 of the Society balance has been allocated to the next major overseas tour fund.
All 2008 subscriptions have now been paid save for Andy Burn and Neil Gordon. MB will speak to Andy Burn. Neil Gordon is apparently "reassessing his commitment" to WAGS.

3. Handicaps
A review was conducted of the performance thus far this season of new members. Simon Marett (who is due a cut anyway having won at Richmond) is cut from 14 to 12. Mike Gardener is cut from 24 to 22.
MB is to report these cuts to the members.

4. Positions on the Committee
RJ reminded the Committee that the two year cycles, for reach Committee position, save for Fixtures (RL) and Website (JS) expire at the AGM on 30th September. The six incumbents of these positions confirmed their willingness to sit for another two year term. (CB has confirmed his willingness to continue, to RJ). It was agreed that RJ will do an email to the membership inviting other applicants for these positions.

5. Membership
Full UK membership currently stands at 42. There remain one or two other expressions of interest which RJ and SS will follow up..

6. Merchandise
SS confirmed he has distributed the 2008 merchandise to every member who has played a fixture. Anyone who has not played as yet has therefore not received anything. SS will distribute the remaining merchandise to those other members as they play during the remainder of the year.
It was noted that at Richmond Peter Berring had been presented with a new cap for his 150th appearance in a WAGS event, and Mark Adams with a cap for his 50th appearanc

7. Web site
JS and SS continue to discuss potential upgrades and will report further in due course.

8. Fixtures
RL reported on the "shape" of the 2009 season. It currently looks like this:-
MarchWest Byfleet
AprilMB to research a new venue. Probably not Mill Ride
June Spring tour (second weekend of June - RJ to investigate Welsh tour)
June (end) Betchworth
JulySeaford Head
SeptemberCornwall Tour and Wimbledon Park
October"Northern fixture" to be hosted by Bob Hill in Middlesex/Hertfordshire area.
NovemberPine Ridge

9. Any Other Business
The meeting concluded with a discussion about Cornwall issues that currently arise. We agreed to close the book on Cornwall at 20 as this is a very convenient number for competitions. Those attending are:-
RJ, RL, CB, SS, GM, Fred Berring, Peter Berring, Mike Wells, Quintin Heaney, James Hanham (Guest), Mark Adams, Carl Boorer, Charles Staveley, Tony Bennett, Chris Charman, Eric Warburton, Bob Hill, Martin Dilke-Wing, Mike Luscombe and Graham Hansen
The following arrangements will apply on the Saturday. In the morning we will play holes 10 to 18 of the Old course followed by holes 1 to 9 of the Nicklaus Course. (There is a temporary green on hole 10 of the Old course and a temporary tee on hole 18 of the Old course). There will be the usual 7.00am start time.
In the afternoon we will play holes 1 to 9 of the Old course followed by (again) holes 1 to 9 of the Nicklaus Course. RL reported that there are some alterations to the lay-out of holes 1 to 9 of the Old course, including a temporary green on hole 7.
There was a further debate about the format. It was agreed to switch the Dilke-Wing Dodgy Dish back to Friday at Lyme Regis with the Latham Salver taking place all day on the Saturday. The "fun round" will therefore again be Sunday at Woodbury Park.
We meet at Lyme Regis on the Friday at 11.00am with a first tee off at 12.00 midday. There is food afterwards.
There may be issues over buggies at St Mellion because it has rained for all of August! RL reported we may have to walk the Nicklaus course. It was agreed however that buggies would still be available for the Old course parts of the both rounds.
The price of the tour will be 350. RJ is to organise prizes. Chris Charman will be the fines captain.
RL will liaise with all concerned about these arrangements.