Committee Meeting Minutes 10/11/2008

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday November 10th 2008

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)
Apologies John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB)

1. Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the meeting of the September AGM at Wimbledon Park were produced and approved, subject to an amendment raised by John Upton-Prowse in relation to the Richmond event in August.

2. Finance
CB reported that all of the 2008 events have now been paid for. (There was some delay in certain Clubs sending us invoices).
We currently have 2,539 on current account and 3,833 on deposit making a total of 6,371. The 6,371 represents 1,793 of retained members funds, 269 in the hole in one fund and 4,310 by way of a Society balance (of which 2,000 is allocated to the next major tour fund).
MB is to report these cuts to the members.

3. Membership
UK members currently stand at 42. It was recognised that this is a good time of year to push for new members, particularly with the large number of guests due to attend the Pine Ridge fixture. James Hanham and Kevin Waller have been identified as prospective new members.
The junior membership stands at 9 and overseas membership at 11.
It was noted that there are three members who have not paid any subscriptions for 2008 although none of them have played. These are Andy Burn, Colin Milligan and Neil Gordon. It was agreed that MB, Bob Hill and RL/GR should speak to these members to establish their intentions going forwards.

4. Fixtures
RL took feed back in relation to the Lamerwood event in October. This was generally believed to be a good fixture. The Committee therefore decided it would be happy to go back to that venue.
Other "northern" venues were considered. RL will speak to Bob Hill (as event organiser) as to whether he is happy to stay with Lamerwood. Brocket Hall was mentioned as a possible alternative.
RL announced that the Turkey Trot at Burhill will be on Friday 12th December. He and GR will get JS to advertise this as a matter of urgency.
The usual discussion took place about the WAGS social event in early 2009. It was agreed that this will be on Friday 23rd January 2009. This will be an informal get together at a pub in Wimbledon for members wives, partners, friends etc, to be followed by some food probably in a local Indian restaurant.
The potential numbers for Pine Ridge on Saturday 15th November were noted as currently being 36. While this is a record attendance at Pine Ridge, concern was expressed about whether given the numbers, everyone would finish in daylight! RJ will therefore speak to the Club to see if the tee times can be moved forward. (RJ note - enquiries have been made and this is not possible)
There was a discussion about the 2009 fixtures. These are all broadly in place save for the April event. This is currently pencilled in for Mill Ride but Tandridge was mentioned as an alternative venue. RL will progress this.
RJ then reported on the shape of the Welsh tour which is earmarked for the second weekend in June. Plans are well advanced here with Rolls of Monmouth having been booked for the Friday and Cottrell Park for the Saturday. RJ is working closely with Gareth Andrews and Ian Jones (guests who have attended previous tours). Gareth Andrews is a member at Cottrell Park. The Sunday is currently pencilled in as the Welsh National Course at the Vale of Glamorgan.
RJ outlined accommodation issues that arise as a result of the favoured hotel currently being booked out as a result of Oasis playing in Cardiff that weekend! Alternative accommodation will be sought in Cardiff City Centre (or Cardiff Bay) with transport to and from Cottrell Park being laid on on the Saturday. RJ was given a mandate to carry on planning and promoting the tour.

5. Merchandise
SS sought ideas for 2009 merchandise. Umbrellas and head covers were the best ideas put forward.

6. Handicaps
SS is cut from 13 to 12 following his victory at Lamerwood. It was noted that the handicaps are not up to date on the website. GR to speak to JS about this.

7. Web site
SS reported about ideas he has for changes to the website. It was suggested there should be a facility on the website which would enable any committee member to immediately email all members. It was felt this was a good idea which should be explored further. SS/JS to progress.