Committee Meeting Minutes 20/07/2009

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday July 20th 2009

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Rhod James (RJ), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Latham (RL), Steve Stoner (SS)

Apologies John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB)

1. Previous Meeting
The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting, which was on Monday 11th May 2009, were produced and approved..

2. Finance
We currently have 10,031 in the bank which consists of 6,178 in current account and 3,853 in a deposit account.
This sum is made up of (a) retained members' funds of 3,769, (b) the hole in one fund which currently stands at 450, and (c) a Society balance of 5,812.
2,000 of the Society balance of 5,812 is currently allocated to the next major overseas tour (2012). It was agreed that CB would increase the 2,000 figure to 2,500.
It was noted that there are a small number of members who have still not paid their 2009 subs. These are Simon D'Arcy, Neil Gordon, Jeremy Whittle and Colin Milligan. It was anticipated that the membership of the last three will lapse, and it was decided not to pursue these individuals any further. Bizarrely Simon D'Arcy appeared in the pub at this moment(!). Work commitments have prevented him playing this year but he is keen to renew his membership.
RL reported that numbers for the September 2009 Cornwall Tour have reached a record breaking 40(!). A review was undertaken of those tourists who have not yet paid their deposits. These will be followed up by relevant members of the Committee.

3. Merchandise
SS reported that most members have now received their 2009 umbrella. SS will continue to distribute those remaining, as he attends further events this year.
He has a number of caps for new members which he will post out. He also reported that he retains a quantity of stock from past seasons, which he will bring to Cornwall as prizes. The possibility of auctioning some of these items was raised by GR.

4. Membership
GM commented on UK membership which remains at 48. However given above comments in relation to subscriptions, it is anticipated that this number will drop.

5. Fixtures
RL reported on fixtures. The annual end of season Burhill event is now fixed for Friday 11th December. It was noted that this date is slightly earlier than usual.
There was a general discussion about the Society policy of imposing a cut off date for bookings. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes it is required by Clubs. It is usually imposed however to assist the organiser of the event and avoid a last minute scramble. There is almost always some flexibility with individual Clubs however, over late arrivals. It was agreed by those present that we should retain this policy, with the intention of getting people to book up early.
There was a discussion about the events surrounding the Tandridge fixture. It was agreed that the Dearden Decanter should in future be scheduled at a less expensive venue. It was agreed that RL will discuss and agree with Mike Dearden the venue for the Decanter in future seasons.
RL advised about the shape of the 2010 fixture list. The May fixture will return to Chartham Park. RL will speak to Bob Hill about options for the "northern" fixture in October 2010.
RJ sought feedback in relation to the Welsh Tour, which was generally positive. The idea of playing a course at the venue we are staying, on the Sunday morning, was generally approved. Most people liked Rolls of Monmouth. Some felt the Vale of Glamorgan course was too difficult for a Sunday. The general view was that the Button Gwinnett course at Cottrell Park was disappointing, and if we return we should look to play the Mackintosh course. It was also suggested we may wish to play 18 as opposed to 27 holes on the Saturday.
There was a discussion about what to do over a Spring/Summer 2010 tour. RL advised we should keep to the June date. RJ said in principle he would be happy to arrange a further tour (and that Cottrell Park/The Vale were keen to have us back). Ideally however another member should arrange next years Spring/Summer Tour.
It was agreed that before the AGM, RL will circulate a note inviting offers. RL will also speak to Chris Charman about whether he would be interested in arranging another Suffolk tour.
There was a discussion about the logistics of Cornwall given the huge numbers. RL will split the Saturday tee offs into two groups of 20, with five four balls playing the Nicklaus in the morning and then the Old course/Kernow course in the afternoon. The other five four balls will play the Old/Kernow in the morning and the Nicklaus in the afternoon.
RL ran through the current tee off times that are proposed. It was suggested we should condense the lunch hour to ensure there is sufficient daylight time for everyone to finish.
There was also a discussion about what could be done over the Launceston and Woodbury Park fixtures given someone in the first group now faces a long wait before the last group finishes. RL will arrange the Launceston groupings and publicise these in advance of the tour so people can turn up for their allocated tee time. RL will also explore the possibility of having a staggered start at both venues with groups playing off the first and tenth tees. It was felt that it was particularly important for Woodbury Park because otherwise people will be inclined to go home if they finish early and not wait for the closing prizes and food etc.
RL reported on the current conditions at St Mellion. The Nicklaus course is now fully refurbished and open. All of the new hotel, bar, restaurant etc. facilities are in place. The old/Kernow course remains a work in progress. There will be a full course to play, free of the building works that were present in 2008. However the weather between now and September will determine how many of the new holes are open. To the extent that new holes on the Kernow course are not ready, alternative Old course holes will remain available.
RL is visiting St Mellion next week and will report further back to the Committee regarding the exact state of play.