Committee Meeting Minutes11/01/2010

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose & Crown, Wimbledon
Monday January 11th 2010

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning (CB), Steve Stoner (SS), Mike Beament (MB), Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS)

Also in attendance Mike Dearden (MD)

1. Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting, on 9th November 2009, were circulated and approved.

2. WAGS Social Event
It was agreed that the usual January social event will take place on Friday 22nd January 2010. The format will be as last year, with everyone meeting at the Rose and Crown, and then taking it from there. GR will circulate the details to the membership immediately.

3. Fixtures
RL firmed up the 2010 fixture list as follows:-

Wednesday 31st March - West Byfleet
April fixture - This was to be Puttenham, but after discussion it was agreed to vacate this (see below).
Thursday 13th May - Chartham Park
4th-6th June - Suffolk Tour
Saturday 3rd July - Seaford Head
Thursday 22nd July - Betchworth Park
Thursday 26th August - Richmond
10th to 12th September - Cornwall Tour. It was noted here that while we will play Launceston and St Mellion in the usual way on the Friday and the Saturday, we have been unable to book Woodbury Park for the Sunday (see below).
Saturday 16th October - Lamerwood
Saturday 6th November - Pine Ridge (this fixture had originally been pencilled in for 13th November; however this date is not available).

The committee felt it preferable to move this fixture forward a week as opposed to back a week.
MD led a discussion about the Puttenham fixture. Apart from being a Friday (which people felt was not ideal), MD himself is unavailable to front his own fixture on that day. It is also an 18 holes only fixture. For all of these reasons we therefore agreed to cancel the reservation and seek an alternative venue. MD will front and organise this over the next few days. He will probably approach Mill Ride.
As regards the Sunday of the Cornwall tour, it was agreed that RL will approach Teign Valley.
Once MD has decided the April 2010 venue, SS will prepare the usual fixture card. SS can turn this round in 7 days once he has the final fixtures. It was also agreed that we do not need to have the Sunday Cornwall fixture nailed down before SS can print the fixture list. (RJ note - since the meeting, the Sunday fixture has now been confirmed as Teign Valley)

4. Finance
CB reported we have 3,223 in current account and 6,355 on deposit, a total of 9,578. Of this figure, 926 is retained members' funds, 672 is the hole in one fund, 1,500 represents Suffolk deposits and there are 6,480 of Society funds. Of the 6,480 figure, 3,000 has been allocated to the next major overseas tour (2012).
It was agreed that CB can allocate a further 1,000 to the 2012 fund bringing the total up to 4,000.
CB confirmed that members' subscriptions will remain frozen at 85 for the 2010 season (the third year without an increase). In addition CB will seek the usual 10 per home event deposit, so all members will owe 175 for the new season, subject to any credit balance rolled forward. CB reported that subscription letters will be sent to members in early February.

6. Membership
GM reported that UK membership remains at 45 (prior to calls for 2010 subscriptions).
Overseas membership stands at 9 (Adamson, Casson, Delaney, Griffiths, Johnson, Kielley, Mckay, Shutes and Zillgitt).
There was some discussion about subscriptions for overseas members. This is notionally 10 per annum which CB collects from the accounts of those who are in credit.
There was some discussion about the status of the junior members, and when you actually cease to be a junior. Juniors currently pay no membership fee (notionally it is 10 but it is paid by the debiting of their father's account!). They also pay 10 less than members for each event they attend. They are not entitled to merchandise but receive a junior cap.
In particular the question was asked about what should happen to junior members who are now in full time employment? After some discussion it was agreed that the Society should continue to incentivise junior members to participate. There should however be a cut off. It was therefore agreed that junior membership would end when any junior reaches the age of 25. In the meantime however they will continue to enjoy the existing "perks" regardless of work status.
It was also noted that there was no such thing any longer as a "junior members event". Juniors are entitled and encouraged to attend any event. We will not therefore advertise any event as a "junior members event" in the future.

7. Handicaps
MB announced that he is going on another "world tour" and will be away from sometime in February until sometime in June. He will not therefore be around to conduct the usual pre-season handicaps reviews. In his absence, handicaps will be covered by GM and SS together. There was a preliminary discussion about which members were likely to receive a pre-season cut!
There was some discussion about the Burhill event, when it was noted that a WAGS team won (again). The WAGS handicaps are traditionally altered for this event (to reflect the large number of "bandit" handicaps being used by other participants!). RL questioned however whether, given our record of success in the event, we are now over compensating and indeed whether Burhill will not welcome our presence in the future! The general view was that this was not an issue; however it was agreed we will have a closer look at the handicaps of those entering the Burhill event in December 2010, nearer the time.
RJ advised that this event is becoming increasingly popular and that Burhill had a record (and probably maximum possible) attendance in December 2009 (26 teams). RJ warned that we will need to be prepared for the event possibly even earlier in 2010.

8. Merchandise
SS reported that the 2010 item of merchandise would be another WAGS shirt. He threatened the committee with another "fashion parade" at the February committee meeting!

9. Website/Communications
JS reported that he and SS will be working on making changes to the look and feel of the website in 2010. SS again raised the possibility of members having access to information about the backgrounds of other members. The idea would be to enhance the profiles of members to include their business/trade/profession. JS and SS will consider how best to implement this, possibly bringing a test website back before the committee, for consideration.

Next Meeting
RJ to organise the next committee meeting which will be in the middle of February 2010.