Committee Meeting Minutes17/03/2010

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club
Wednesday March 17th 2010

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning (CB), Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS)

Apologies for absence Steve Stoner (SS), Mike Beament (MB)

1. Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting, on 11th January 2010, were produced and approved.

2. Fixtures
RL confirmed that the 2010 fixture list had been sent out. He reported that this year the Burhill "Turkey Trot" date is already known, so that appears in the card.
Since the last Committee Meeting RL has now finalised the Sunday fixture of the 2010 Cornwall tour (Teign Valley). Mill Ride has also now been fixed as the venue for the Dearden Decanter in April.
RL also reported since the January Committee Meeting, Lamerwood has gone bust. After discussion with Bob Hill, the "Northern event" will now take place at Radlett Porters Park.
All of this new information appears in the 2010 fixture list. There was one error in the fixture list sent to members - Chartham Park is on Thursday 13th of May, not Friday 7th.

3. Finance
CB reported 7,000 (exactly) in current account and 6,355 on deposit. Total cash held is therefore 13,355. That consists of 2,158 of retained members' funds, a hole in one fund of 672, deposits for the Suffolk tour of 2,400 and net cash of 8,125. Of the 8,125, 4,000 has been allocated to the 2012 overseas tour. It was agreed to allocate an extra 1,000 towards the 2012 tour subsidy which takes the figure up to 5,000.
The 24 who have paid deposits for Suffolk are GM, Chris Charman, Charles Staveley, Eric Warburton, Mike Wells, Richard Trinnick, Andy Burn, Bob Hill, Nigel Caufield, RJ, Martin Dilke-Wing, Carl Boorer, Gary McCarthy, Peter Berring, SS, Mike Gardner, RL, Rob Faulkner, Rob Faulkner's guest, Graham Hanson, Mike Dearden, JS, Mike Luscombe and Simon Marrett.
In addition there are expressions of interest from Mark Adams and CB. Mike Gardner and Eric Warburton may also bring guests. It was noted that this was again a considerable turn out for a Spring tour.
Furthermore 6 deposits have already been paid for the Cornwall tour. Those signed up are Tom Fawcett, Mike Wells, Will Fairbairn, CB, RJ and George Dunsire.
CB reported who has not yet paid their 2010 subs. GR will prepare a Chairman's email in advance of the new season, to be sent to the membership. In that email he will chase those who have not paid their subs.

4. Membership
GM proposed two new members as follows:-

The applications of both these individuals was approved. GM will write to them, giving them the usual "welcome to WAGS" introductory material.
RJ to check his membership list and liaise with JS over numbers. It is believed (subject to RJ checking) that current UK membership stands at 47 (including Jones and Brennan).
There was then a debate about the treatment of overseas members. They are charged 10 by way of annual subscriptions. However CB does not communicate with any of them. Rather he deducts 10 from those whose accounts are in credit (so they physically pay). He also debits 10 from those with no money in their account but does not chase them for payment. It was noted therefore that there is a difference in treatment between the overseas members.
It was agreed that we need to rationalise treatment of overseas members. CB will therefore write to all overseas members asking then to make a positive decision as to whether they want to stay as members of the Society. If they say no, any credit balance due to them will be reimbursed. If they say yes, they will be asked for a 10 subscription. It was also agreed that the Society will write off any overdrawn balances on the accounts of overseas members. This begs the question of what benefit do overseas members have. The answer is access to WAGS events, without having to pay for them in advance as UK members do through their annual 90 provision of deposits. They also pay a far smaller annual sub (10 as opposed to 85).
It was agreed that GR will draft a suitable email for CB to send to the overseas members.

5. Communications
JS reported that all of the 2010 fixtures are now on the website. The accounts have been updated. He will continue to liaise with SS about plans to revamp the site.
The idea of having business links on the website was revisited. JS explained how this could be done, by adding to the membership details section a new field containing a business website address. JS will add this so individuals can supplement the site by entering details of their businesses.

6. Handicaps
GM reported on handicap changes for the new season as follows:-

7. Merchandise
The members present started their deliberations about the shirt for the new season on the basis of research conducted by SS thus far. GR will speak to SS to take this debate forward.