Committee Meeting Minutes10/05/2010

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village
Monday May 10th 2010

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning (CB), Rhod James (RJ), Steve Stoner (SS)

Apologies for absence Mike Beament (MB), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting on 17th March were produced. These were amended at the request of Peter Berring to show that Rob Jones (who was approved as a new member at the last meeting) had actually been seconded by Peter, and not GM.

2. Membership
GM reported on the exercise reported in the last Minutes, whereby all individuals who are overseas members, according to the WAGS records, are approached in order to establish whether they wish to continue being members. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that we have a definitive record of overseas members so that there is no scope for argument in the future.
GM confirmed he has indeed written to all of these members, having checked (so far as possible) that the addresses we hold for them on file are accurate. Thus far Nick Griffiths and Simon Johnson have responded to confirm that they wish to remain as overseas members. Steve McKay has formally resigned.
Garrick Zillgitt has also replied saying he wishes to remain an overseas member (but has yet to make the required payment). Anthony Shutes returns from his posting in Dubai later this year and will rejoin as a full member in or about July.
GM will continue with this exercise in the weeks ahead and will report further to the Committee at the next meeting. The committee will set a cut off point, and any overseas member who has not responded by the deadline will have their membership terminated.
In the meantime there have been no resignations amongst the UK membership which currently stands at 47 and will increase to 48 with the return of Anthony Shutes.

3. Merchandise
SS, having taken into account the comments from the members about the item of merchandise for 2010, produced a sample of the new polo shirt. This was endorsed by the Committee (and described by SS as a "style statement"). SS will now order the shirt which as usual will have the WAGS logo, and will distribute it at future events this year.

4. Finance
CB reported on the numbers. We have 8,968 in current account and 6,356 on deposit making a total of 15,324.
This is made up of (a) 4,577 of retained members funds, (b) a hole in one fund of 721, (c) deposits for the Suffolk tour of 2,400 and (d) a Society balance of 7,626 of which 5,000 has been allocated to the next overseas tour fund (2012).
CB reported on payment of 2010 subscriptions. There are only four of the 47 UK members who have not paid their 2010 subscriptions namely Kevin Waller, Pearce Elder, John Brennan (new member) and John Upton-Prowse (currently off golf following an operation).
CB will contact all of these individuals in due course. In the meantime it was noted that given the economic climate, the Society is in an extremely healthy financial position, as reflected by the number of subs that have been paid without anyone being chased.

5. Suffolk Tour
The tour is now full at 24, with the following golfers participating:- Mike Luscombe, Simon Marrett, Mark Adams, RL, Charles Staveley, Andy Burn, SS, Bob Hill, Richard Trinnick, Graham Hansen, Mike Gardner, Vip Patel (Guest), Eric Warburton, GM, Mike Wells, RJ, Carl Boorer, Peter Berring, Rob Faulkner, Glyn (Rob Faulkner Guest), Mike Dearden, JS, Gary McCarthy , Nigel Caulfield,
Chris Charman will supervise the tour but not play any golf (given medical commitments!).
It was noted that there is now a waiting list with both George Dunsire and Fred Berring wanting to come on tour.
CB will not be on tour. There was a preliminary discussion about payment arrangements in his absence. All tourists have paid a 100 deposit. The hotel bills will be paid directly by every individual. WAGS will need to pay the clubs directly. CB and Chris Charman will need to collect an extra payment from each tourist, to be made to WAGS in advance of the tour.

6. Handicaps
Mike Lee is cut from 26 to 24 following his victory at Mill Ride.