Committee Meeting Minutes 06/09/2010

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village
Monday September 6th 2010

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Chris Bunning (CB), Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS)

Apologies for absence Mike Beament (MB), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes of the last meeting on 19th July 2010 were produced and approved.

2. Fixtures
RL advised that there are 30 attendees for the Cornwall Tour. The arrangements are all in place and the room allocation was revised following the sale of the Lodges at St Mellion. The Sunday event will be organised to accommodate the uneven number given early departures. The tour cost of 365 was confirmed as sufficient for the various costs previously outlined.
There was a discussion about introducing fresh fixtures each year. It was agreed that for 2011, RL will ask Bob Hill to choose a new venue for the October fixture. This combined with the rotation of Lingfield and Chartham Park provides sufficient variety it was felt.

3. Finance
CB reported that there is 4,831 in the current account and 6,357 on deposit making a total of 11,188. Allocated as follows:-

It appears that J. Brennan wishes to postpone his membership start until 2011. This was agreed, hence he will pay no sub in 2010.

4. Membership
Following the contacting of the known and presumed Overseas Members by GM, it was reported that only Nick Griffiths, Simon Johnson and Garrick Zilgitt had positively confirmed that they wish to continue as WAGS Overseas Members.
Accordingly, the following have had their Overseas Membership cancelled: Messrs Adamson, Casson, Delaney, Kielley, Taylor, McCormick and Speller.

5. Handicaps
The following handicap cuts were recorded:-

6. Website
The list of improvements (Event photos, personal photos and business website links) is still being worked on.