Committee Meeting Minutes 08/11/2010

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village
Monday November 8th 2010

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS)

Apologies for absence Mike Beament (MB), Chris Bunning (CB), Steve Stoner (SS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes of the last meeting on 6th September were produced and approved.

2. Finance
In the absence of CB, RJ reported on the figures. The following does not include changes as a result of the Pine Ridge fixture on Saturday 6th November.
We currently have 3,154 in current account, 6,358 on deposit and therefore total cash of 9,512. Of this retained members funds amount to 250, the hole in one fund amounts to 1,051 and there is a Society balance of 8,211, of which 5,000 is allocated to the 2012 tour fund.

3. Fixtures
RL reported that five WAGS teams have entered the Burhill event on Friday 10th December. They are (with the Captain appearing first):-

RL to liaise with CB over payment. CB will pay Burhill and every player should then give payment to CB on the day.
RL proceeded to outline the shape of the 2011 fixture list which currently looks like the following:- It was agreed to target the fixture list for 2011 being circulated by the end of January. Friday 28th January was also pencilled in as the WAGS social event date.

4. Membership
Brian Batchelor was tabled as a new member. He was proposed by CB and seconded by GR. He was voted into the Society and will join on a handicap of 27.
It was also noted that Anthony Shutes will become a full member again for 2011. GM also reported an expression of interest from Simon Marett's brother. It was agreed in principle that Simon's brother can join. GM to liaise with Simon over the application form, etc.

5. Handicaps
GM presented his review of the handicaps at the end of the 2010 season. He reported he has studied the form book over the last 3 years. Commenting generally he said that most people are on a fairly strict handicap at the moment. 33 or 34 is a pretty good score for most people because WAGS handicaps are fairly tough. He also commented that most members "peak and trough" during the course of the season.
After a lot of debate, the following changes were tabled and agreed by those present.

It was also agreed that GM will review and identify everyone who is on a ".5" handicap at the moment. JS is to do what he can to record the .5s on the website once they have been identified by GM.

6. Other Matters
JS said there is nothing to report in relation to the website at present. It was also agreed that SS would report and advise on 2011 merchandise in due course.