Committee Meeting Minutes 24/01/2011

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village
Monday January 24th 2011

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS), Chris Bunning (CB), Steve Stoner (SS)

Apologies for absence Mike Beament (MB)

1. Minutes of last meeting
The Minutes of the last meeting on 8th November were produced and approved.

2. Fixtures
The 2011 fixture is almost ready. It is as follows.

The following further points were noted:- RL will finalise the remaining fixtures and then liaise with SS over printing and circulation of the fixture list. This will be sent to members as soon as possible during February.
RJ reminded everyone present that bids to host the 2012 tour are due to be submitted by the first event of the season i.e. West Byfleet on 28th March. RJ reported that at this stage he has received no formal bids, although he is aware that a number of bids are supposedly being prepared.

3. Finance
CB reported that he has issued updated accounts for individual members and an income and expense account for last year. JS will post this on the website as soon as possible. The current figures are 2,996 in current account and 6,359 on deposit account, a total of 9,355. Of this sum (a) 58 is retained members funds, (b) the hole in one fund stands at 1,076, and (c) there is therefore a Society balance of 8,221, of which 5,000 is currently allocated to the 2012 tour fund.
It was agreed that members subscriptions for 2011 will be held at 85. Otherwise the same usual arrangements will apply in that members will be asked to provide a 10 deposit for each "home fixture", but less any credit balance currently standing in their account.

4. Merchandise
It was agreed that there is no demand for another WAGS shirt for the 2011 season. The idea was debated, but rejected, of having no merchandise item for 2011 at all but instead making a further payment to the 2012 fund out of what would otherwise have been earmarked for merchandise.
It was agreed that the 2011 item of merchandise would be a glove (all weather) with the WAGS logo.

5. Membership
An application for membership was tabled from Chris Stokes. This was proposed by Mike Dearden and seconded by CB. The application was approved. GM will deal with the usual arrangements to welcome Chris Stokes into the Society.
With the arrival of Chris Stokes, the WAGS membership for UK members now stands at 49. This number includes Chris and also allowing for the return of Anthony Shutes. This is before any natural wastage as a result of any WAG not renewing their membership for 2011.
It was noted that there has been an expression of interest in membership from Simon Marret's brother. GM will follow this up. It was also noted that an expression of interest was received from Tim Scoggins last year; however no formal application has as yet been received.
It was noted that the 50 member limit, in the WAGS constitution, is being approached. It was agreed to postpone any decision about how to deal with this limit pending a further review of numbers in due course.
RJ repeated his warning that come the promotion of the venue that is ultimately chosen for the 2012 tour, there must be absolutely no uncertainty regarding the status of overseas members. The meeting was reminded that following a review of overseas members during 2010, a definite position had been reached over the (relatively small) number of individuals who still were overseas members. RJ will review last year's minutes in order to clarify the position.

6. Communications
JS reported that the website will be updated next week with the year end financial information for individual members. RJ will also review the membership lists and liaise with JS to ensure that no individuals who are no longer members still feature in the handicaps and mailing lists.
RJ raised the issue of the site not reporting the handicaps of members who have a ".5" status. GM will review his records and advise JS who the ".5s" are. JS will then make a note on the site so this information is readily available.

7. Any Other Business
The meeting was reminded that in the past, the committee had agreed in principle that the website should provide a link to friendly organisations, say, for the purpose of promoting individual businesses. JS will do an email to that effect to the membership.