Committee Meeting Minutes 21/03/2011

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at Malden Golf Club
Monday March 21st 2011

Present Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), John Stembridge (JS), Chris Bunning (CB), Mike Beament (MB)

Apologies for absenceGerry Robinson (GR), Steve Stoner(SS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
RJ produced the Minutes of the last committee meeting on 24th January 2011. These were approved.

2. Finance
CB advised that there is 3,275 in current account with 6,359 on deposit, a total of 9,634. Of this (a) the hole in one fund stands at 1,076, (b) there are 376 of retained members funds, and (c) a Society balance of 8,182.
5,000 of the Society balance is currently allocated to the 2012 tour fund. CB currently estimates that the tour fund will increase 6,000 during the course of 2011. That would mean therefore a subsidy of 200 a head for, say, 30 tourists on the 2012 tour. CB said it is therefore a realistic projection to say that the WAGS subsidy for the 2012 tour will be 200 per head.
CB reported that subscriptions for 2011 are coming in steadily. No current member has said that they do not intend to renew their membership for 2011.

3. Fixtures
RL reported that we now have three new fixtures for 2011 i.e. Mannings Heath, Castle Coombe and Foxhills. RL explained that all three new venues wanted us to sign formal contracts.
RL explained in broad terms the contractual issues that arise from this documentation. All have asked us to pre-agree numbers now. RL reported that RJ has provided legal advice as to how to deal with these contractual issues. RL is working with the Clubs in question in order to remove or at the very least minimise our potential contractual exposure. In the event that we are to be held to a number at this very early stage, RL will commit to a lower number now with the likelihood being that come the approach of the event in question, we will then have to ask for more slots, but at least without any financial risk.
RL explained that the demand by Clubs that we sign formal paperwork is very much a sign of the times. Certain Clubs have been let down on the day by Societies and they therefore want to ensure that Societies who are new to the Club in question are contractually committed. RL explained that some of our regular Clubs are now asking us to sign a formal contract, but RL has thus far avoided having to sign anything because of our good existing relationship with many Clubs.
RL gave an overview of the Dorset tour in June 2011. There is a relatively late tee off time of 2.00pm at Broadstone on Friday 10th June. Overnight accommodation is at The Riviera Hotel in Bournemouth and with a 9.00pm dinner arranged on the Friday night.
The Saturday agenda is an 11.00am nine hole start at Isle of Purbeck Golf Club followed by lunch and a 3.00pm start for the afternoon round.
There was some discussion about the logistics of Saturday night given a 3.00pm golf start in the afternoon. It was agreed that a return visit to the Square and Compasses at Worth Matravers should be undertaken for those who want to go. It was recognised however that this may not be everyone's wish. It was also noted that given the golf timing, we would probably have to go straight from Isle of Purbeck Golf Club to the Square and Compasses.
It was agreed that RL will arrange minibus travel on the day from the hotel to Isle of Purbeck Golf Club. For those who want to go to the Square and Compasses after golf, the minibus can then take them there, and retrieve them later and take them back to Bournemouth. Those who do not want to go to the Square and Compasses can travel to Isle of Purbeck golf club in their own cars and then return directly to Bournemouth after the golf.
The Sunday golf at New Forest Golf Club is at 1.00pm followed by a BBQ early evening. The overall tour price is 275, which everyone agreed was excellent value.

4. Merchandise
SS had handed out earlier the WAGS glove which is the 2011 item of merchandise. Given he is moving to Australia for the year, he will make arrangements for the rest of the gloves to be circulated in his absence.

5. Handicaps
GM confirmed that the 2011 review had been undertaken and JS confirmed that all up to date handicaps are now posted on the website.

6. Membership
Applications - GM presented a membership application for Dave Middleton (brother of Pete Middleton). This was proposed by Bob Hill and seconded by Peter Middleton. Dave Middleton was duly voted in as a member. GM and JS will do the usual to welcome him as a member, give him website access etc.
It was noted that the membership application from Tony Batt (brother-in-law of Simon Marrett) has not yet appeared.
RJ noted that with the arrival of Dave Middleton, UK membership currently stands at 50 which is the maximum under the WAGS constitution. CB said there may be some slippage on membership depending on who pays their subscriptions. CB also mentioned that there are a couple of members who have not played for some while due to various injuries! It was agreed in the circumstances that we need not make any decision about the membership limit at this stage, but would keep this under review at future meetings.

7. Communications
JS reported he had emailed the membership regarding setting up website links for personal businesses. He has had some feedback and will now set up a specific website page for this purpose.

8. Any Other Business
RJ reminded everyone of the approaching deadline for submission of bids to host the 2012 overseas tour. The deadline is currently the West Byfleet event on Monday 28th March.
RL and GM will definitely table a South Africa bid. RL and GM gave an overview of the bid as things stand.
RJ reported that Andy Burn was working on a bid for the South of France but essentially needed more time.
Those present noted that although there have been expressions of interest in preparing bids from other members in the past, there is no up to date news regarding any other bids being on the table. As things stand, so far as the committee are therefore aware, the only bids are South Africa and the South of France.
There was a discussion about whether the Committee should change the West Byfleet deadline. After some debate it was agreed to extend the deadline for the submission of 2012 bids to the Mill Ride event in April. The new deadline for submission of bids will therefore be Wednesday 20th April.
It was agreed that RJ will prepare an email to the membership explaining the position.