Committee Meeting Minutes 27/04/2011

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at Malden Golf Club
Monday April 27th 2011

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), Mike Beament (MB)

Apologies for absence John Stembridge (JS), Steve Stoner(SS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
RJ produced the Minutes of the last committee meeting on 21st March 2011. These were approved.

2. Membership I
t was noted that Chris Stokes has temporarily resigned from the membership given work commitments. GM agreed that Chris's membership will therefore be postponed until 2012 when he will rejoin as a full member. This takes the running total of UK members down to 49.
A new application for membership was tabled from Matthew McEwan. This was proposed by Peter Berring and seconded by Richard Latham. Matthew was approved as a full UK member. The UK membership therefore goes back up to 50. In the usual way Matthew's details will be added to the website and GM will do the necessary regarding a welcome/access rights to the site etc.
Two new junior members were approved - Fred Shutes and Paddy Donaghy.
CB reported that no current members have said they do not wish to renew in 2011. There are a small handful of current members who have not been in contact with CB recently (Will Fairbairn, James Hanham, Gary McCarthy and John Upton-Prowse). These will all be followed up.
It was agreed that as regards John, given he is due to have an operation in June, we will just roll his membership forward until he is fit to play again.

3. Finance
CB reported that the relevant numbers are as follows. There is 6,395 in current account and 6,361 on deposit account, a total of 12,756. The 12,756 is made up of (a) net members funds of 2,585 (b) the hole in one fund standing at 1,135 and (c) an overall Society balance of 9,036, of which 5,000 is allocated to the next tour fund.
RJ enquired what contribution CB was projecting, per tourist, towards the 2012 tour. CB reported that we are still on target for WAGS contributing 200 per member by way of a subsidy.

4. Fixtures
RL provided an update regarding the outstanding contractual issues with various clubs. All of those clubs with whom we were in contract negotiations have now agreed to what we propose save for Foxhills who are being slightly difficult. RL has therefore agreed to their terms but limited numbers to 20. It was agreed that this event should be marketed and promoted early. If we end up with more than 20, we can always approach the Club again (but with no guarantee that we will get extra places).
RL provided an update in relation to the numbers for the Dorset tour. These currently stand at 22 (with a maximum of 24 spaces available). At the time of the meeting those who had signed up were RL himself, Mike Gardener, Eric Warburton, Vip Patel, Charles Staverley, CB, Mike Wells, Andy Burn, RJ, Nigel Caufield, Gerry McGuffy, Martin Dilke-Wing, Peter Berring, Anthony Shutes, MB, Bob Hill, Steve Shaw, JS, Kevin Waller, Graham Hansen and Mike Lee.

5. Handicaps
Bob Hill is cut from 13 to 12 following his victory at West Byfleet. Fred Shutes is cut from 14 to 13 following his victory at Mill Ride.

6. 2012 Tour
RJ reported to the meeting that a late tour proposal had been submitted from Mike Dearden in relation to Estonia. The detail of the proposal had not arrived by the time of the meeting. It was agreed however after some debate (and a phone call to Mike Dearden) that the deadline for submission of the Estonia bid would be extended to Friday 29th April at 11.59pm! Mike Dearden is to submit the bid to RJ in electronic format.
Various comments were made by those present in relation to the proposals that have already been tabled (South Africa and Spain). Those bids will be "tweaked" before they are circulated to the members.
It was agreed that the 50 full members will be invited to express a preference between the three bids. The deadline for replies will be Friday 20th May. RJ produced a draft questionnaire to be circulated to the membership. The wording of this was agreed by those present. JS will circulate this to the membership immediately.
It was also agreed that the next Committee Meeting would take place on Monday 23rd May, in order to consider the response of the UK members to the questionnaire.
RJ flagged up other issues that needed to be considered at the next meeting. The Committee needs to address which members will be entitled to the full discount. We also need to address who is entitled to tour. RJ reminded everyone that in 2007, full members were given the opportunity to secure a place on tour before overseas members, juniors and guests.