Committee Meeting Minutes 07/03/2012

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
? Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at The Rose and Crown
Wednesday March 7th 2012

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB), Anthony Shutes (AS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
RJ produced the Minutes of the most recent WAGS committee meeting in January 2012. These were approved.

2. Finance
CB reported the present balances as at 6 March 2012. We have £3,438 in current account and £1,365 on deposit, a total of £4,803. This made up of:-

CB reported that all funds due to the travel company through whom we have booked the Majorca tour have now been paid. The 2012 merchandise (pullovers) has also been paid for. We are therefore in a healthy financial position notwithstanding this cash outlay.
CB also reminded everyone that this is always the lowest point, in the year, of the Society’s cash “cycle” with all the 2012 deposits having been paid out to the clubs that we are playing at during the year. That money will gradually be recovered during the course of the year. CB also advised that although about two thirds of the 2012 members’ subs have been paid, there is still one third to go which will increase the cash balance before the first fixture.

3. Majorca Tour
RJ reported on his discussions with Andy Burn yesterday evening. RJ tabled a number of questions posed by Andy Burn about tour arrangements. RJ will feed the answers back to Andy Burn so that he (and MB) can progress the final details of the tour in the next six weeks.

4. Handicaps
The committee revisited the whole question of the Society’s handicapping system and whether it needed to be changed. The debate was helped by a raft of statistics produced by GR. The following points were noted:-

After further discussion it was agreed to leave the current system and these ranges as they are.
There was some debate about whether we should have a corresponding formula for increases in handicaps as well as cuts. It was decided on balance that this was not necessary. The system always remains in place for any individual member to approach the committee with a request for an increase.
It was recognised that the current handicaps are lower than would typically be the case were any individual member to be a member of a club. It was agreed that it would be useful to have a list of club handicaps of members. RJ will collate this information.
GR also produced some statistics to do with averages in the last seven years. These are repeated as they show the gradual improvements in standards.
Rounds Averages
Year Played Points Shots Handicap
200618727.39 98.2818.72
200714127.04 98.3518.96
200819227.99 97.3418.84
200919628.64 96.0818.46
201018427.95 96.4218.42
201121528.02 96.6618.16

5. Membership
GM reported the arrival of two new junior members in Ben Caulfield and Max Berring. Both will join as juniors on 28. GM will contact them in the usual way to welcome as members.

6. Fixtures
CB reported that the Byfleet event on 30 March is already full. This prompted a debate about the treatment of guests.
It was noted that the last three WAGS events namely Foxhills, Pine Ridge and Byfleet were all sold out several weeks before the event itself. This is fairly unprecedented. Of the 36 people who will be playing at Byfleet, 7 are guests. The question was therefore put as to whether this is unfair on the members.
It was agreed that we should keep the issue of guests under close review depending on how other fixtures later in the year fill up. It was suggested that you could have a priority period for member booking before guests are allowed. Alternatively you could restrict the number of guests that any member could bring. Those present were reminded that we have already decided that the Pine Ridge event in 2012 will be a members only event.
CB reported that 7 members have already signed up for the Cornwall tour in September 2012.

7. Website
JS reported on the task of moving hosts for JS anticipates the site will be up and running again in about a week but made the point that matters are to some extent out of his hands.
JS reported that Graham Hansen has not yet got in contact with him regarding options for a new website. This is due to pressure of work, but the matter remains on Graham’s “to do list”.

8. Merchandise
AS reported that the 2012 pullovers have now been delivered and he will circulate them at future events starting at Byfleet. The fixture cards have all now been printed and again have been sent out to everyone save for committee members.
There was a debate about what to do regarding the WAGS hats. AS was given a budget to buy a new supply of hats and he will distribute these at future events as and when individual members reach landmark number of appearances.