Committee Meeting Minutes 21/06/2012

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at The Sultan, Norman Road, SW19
Thursday June 21st 2012

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB)

Apologies for absence Anthony Shutes (AS)

1. Minutes of last meeting
RJ produced the Minutes of the committee meeting on 7 March 2012. These were approved.

2. Finance
CB reported the present balances as at 21 May (i.e. before the Betchworth Park event). We have £4,018 in current account and £1,365 in deposit. That is a total of £5,383.
This is made up as follows:-

3. Fixtures
As this was the first committee meeting since the Majorca 20th anniversary tour, the committee extended a vote of thanks to MB and Andy Burn for organising a successful tour.
There was discussion about the on-going issue of accommodating larger numbers at WAGS events. It was agreed wherever possible that we should concertina the lunch break. We also do not need to slavishly adhere to the 9 holes plus 18 holes formula. These issues were particularly relevant at Betchworth.
It was noted that there are difficulties getting a fixture at Betchworth in any event. A large turn out was compounded by a lunch break of over 2 hours. It was agreed in principle to explore alternative venues to Betchworth for next season.
RL report on the Brighton mini weekend over 28/29 July. There are still some rooms left in the Seattle hotel (3 inland doubles).
RL reported that 11 deposits have been received for the Cornwall tour so far. It was agreed that the price of the tour will be £400 all in, allowing for something for prizes

4. Membership
GM reported the arrival of a membership application from Huw Thomas. This was proposed by Peter Berring and seconded by RJ. The application was approved. GM will make the necessary arrangements to welcome Huw to the Society and set up website access.
GR raised the on-going issue about encouraging juniors. Not all juniors have signed up for the website. GR will email the fathers of the sons who have not signed up for the website

5. Handicaps
MB reported that Will Fairbairn is cut by one shot following his victory at Betchworth, from 17 to 16

6. Website
JS confirmed that the site is all up to date. An interesting (and possibly unprecedented) issue arises in relation to the Betchworth result.
There was a three way tie for first place with three individuals each on 33 points. The outcome was therefore decided on count back with scores over the last 9 holes being taken into account. On the day however we had split tee off times with the result that the last 9 holes for each of the three individuals concerned were not necessarily the same physical holes.
This begged the question of what actually happened on the day. The comparison on the day was made between the 10th to 18th holes that were actually played by everyone concerned as opposed to individual scores over holes numbered 10 to 18. This meant that you had comparisons between different holes.
After discussion the committee agreed that the better way to have proceeded would have been to compare everyone’s score over holes numbered 10 to 18. It was agreed however that there could not be any interference with the result as it was declared so Will Fairbairn remains the winner on the day.
It was noted however that a count back based on performance over holes numbered 10 to 18 would actually have produced a different result.
MB went to the extent of googling the issue during the course of committee meeting and could find no golf rule governing the point. It was agreed however that for future reference, any count back would be over holes numbered 10 to 18 as opposed to the order you play them in.
There was some discussion about event booking. It was agreed the current “doors to manual” system causes confusion as you cannot then look at the website and see a comprehensive list of who will be playing in a given event. It was therefore agreed that GM and JS would co-ordinate things so that GM knows when JS is about to open booking on the site. GM can then do an email to the membership telling them that booking is open.
The committee revisited the question of Graham Hansen’s proposed review of the website. Due to commitments at work, this has not progressed. GR reminded everyone of the issues that arise here and agreed to speak to Graham again.

7. Tony Bennett
Various concerns (from both committee and other members) were put before the meeting about Tony’s behaviour. There was a long debate about his conduct, both on the Majorca tour but on past occasions. GR also made the point that Tony has been warned before about his behaviour.
There was some debate about what should be done. It was eventually agreed (on a unanimous basis) that Tony’s membership should be terminated immediately. GR will write to him and also speak to him. CB will arrange for a refund of monies due to him. JS will disconnect him from the website.

8. Committee Reshuffle
GR confirmed his intention to resign from the WAGS committee after the 2012 AGM in September. By this time he would have served 19 years on the WAGS committee and 10 years as Chairman! A motion of thanks was passed by the committee for GR’s input over this long period.
It was noted that the position of all of the other committee members save for JS (Website and IT Secretary) are up for re-election at the September AGM.