Committee Meeting Minutes 04/09/2012

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at The Sultan, Norman Road, SW19
Tuesday September 4th 2012

Present Gerry Robinson (GR) (Chairman), Gerry McGuffie, Rhod James (RJ), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB)

Apologies for absence Anthony Shutes (AS)

In Attendance Richard Trinick (RT)

1. Minutes of last meeting
RJ produced the Minutes of the committee meeting on 21 June 2012. These were approved.

2. Fixtures
RL confirmed we now have the maximum of 30 for all three days of the Cornwall tour this coming weekend (7 to 9 September).
RL raised the question of next year’s fixtures and reminded those present of the policy of swapping in a couple of new events every year. It has already been agreed in principle that we will abandon the Betchworth Park fixture. Leatherhead Golf Club was mooted as a possible alternative. It was agreed to take soundings about other possible venues at the AGM.
RT raised the question of arrangements at his event (West Byfleet). He suggested that given the lay-out of the course, the morning event should be restricted to holes 1 to 8 which will save “walking time” at lunchtime and avoid the risk of the afternoon round ending in semi-darkness.

3. Handicaps
The question was raised of whether we should introduce an automatic handicap increasing system, to sit side by side with the current automatic handicap cutting system that is presently in place. The Committee felt that in principle there should be a system for automatic increases. Quite what that system would be was recognised as being an entire separate issue. Various ideas were exchanged as to how this may work in practice.
It was agreed that GM will put the principle of introducing an automatic increase system before the AGM. The Committee will also take soundings at the AGM over ideas for how the system may work.
Ultimately, if there is to be a new system, the Committee would look to introduce this at the start of the 2013 season.

4. Membership
RJ confirmed that the current number of UK members stands at exactly 50 which is (in theory at least) the limit under the WAGS constitution.
There was some discussion as to whether anything should be done about this, particularly noting that the membership was at an all time high and there was general increased attendance at events.
It was agreed on reflection that no action need to be taken at present but the Committee will keep the limit under review. It was specifically agreed that we should not cap the membership at 50 and open a waiting list.

5. Finance
CB reported that there is £5,558 in the current account and £1,368 on deposit, a total of £6,926. That figure is made up of:-

The point was again made that the Society’s finances remained in rude health notwithstanding the expense this year of the 20th Anniversary tour subsidy.

6. Website
The Committee revisited the on-going need to develop the website, with a view to creating a set up which gives all Committee members access, and reduced the administrative burden on JS. The point was made (again) that while the website in itself is outstanding, were JS to “go under a bus”, the Society would have a significant problem!
GR will speak again with Graham Hansen to see whether his work commitments will enable him to assist. RT also offered to provide some input to see if he could assist.

7. AOB
RJ reported that Eric Warburton has offered to arrange a Spring tour to Manchester. In broad terms the proposal would be to stay in Manchester City Centre (with all that that entails!) and travel out by coach on a daily basis to various courses. The idea was also floated of travelling to Manchester by train. RL said an alternative would be to arrange a coach from Richmond.
It was agreed in principle that a “northern tour” would be a good idea. Eric will therefore be given the “green light” to work on this proposal.
The Committee was also reminded of the commitment in principle made to Mike Dearden that he should host an Estonia tour (if he still wants to!), recognising the impressive “bid” that was made to host the 20th Anniversary tour. It was agreed that we should retain the idea of an Estonia tour firmly in mind with a view to revisiting this in future years