Committee Meeting Minutes 04/06/2013

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee at The Hand and Racquet, SW19
Wednesday June 4th 2013

Present Rhod James - Chairman (RJ), Anthony Shutes (AS), Gerry McGuffie (GM), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Trinick (RT), John Stembridge (JS)

Apologies for absence Mike Beament (MB)

1. Handicaps
No report required

2. Website (JS)
Not discussed. Previous action as below to be progressed:
ACTION GM/JS/GH to review how the Handicap Master could be linked to the existing WAGs website. In addition GH kindly agreed to provide a scope of work for upgrading the website and cost estimate by end March.

3. Fixtures(RL)
Lingfield 2103: all agreed a disappointing venue this year and will be dropped in future and replaced full time with Chartham Park.
Northern “Swing” Tour 2013: 22 signed up and arrangements being finalised. Budget of £350 for shared room and £450 for single room and breakfasts, including coach, prizes and lunches is still the target. Note – evening meals and beverages excluded.
Cornwall Tour 2013: 13 signed up already.
ACTION GM/RL to send reminder note to members after the Northern Tour.
Burhill Charity Day 5th July 2013: Discussed and declined by committee.
ACTION CB to advise organisers.

4. Finance (CB)
CB advised:

5. Membership (GM)
No report required

6. Merchandise (RT)
This years shirt with Logo plus “21 years celebrating WAGS” has been received by all members, with positive feedback..

7. AOB

Next Committee meeting: TBA.

5th June 2013