Committee Meeting Minutes 04/09/2013

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Email Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday September 4th 2013

Attendees via email Rhod James - Chairman (RJ), Anthony Shutes (AS), Richard Latham (RL), Chris Bunning (CB), Richard Trinick (RT), John Stembridge (JS), Mike Beament (MB)

1. Handicaps(GM)
No report required

2. Website (JS)
Not discussed. Previous action as below to be progressed:
ACTION GM/JS/GH to review how the Handicap Master could be linked to the existing WAGs website. In addition GH kindly agreed to provide a scope of work for upgrading the website and cost estimate asap.

3. Fixtures(RL)
Fixtures 2014: RL working on same fixtures as last year, with Lingfield replaced by Chartham Park.
Spring Tour 2014: Committee canvassing ideas, to be further discussed at Sept AGM.
Sussex Tour 2014: Consensus that mini tour be expanded to 3 days and include a 3rd venue for Sunday, with possibility of a new Trophy.

4. Finance (CB)
CB advised:

5. Membership (GM)
With at least 3 current members not renewing their subs, it was agreed to accept the following new members:

ACTION GM/CB to communicate approval to new members and pay subs etc.

6. Merchandise (RT)
No report required.

7. Insurance (AS)
Society Third Party Liability cover is due for renewal 12th September. This covers members when playing at WAGS society events in the UK and DOES NOT cover members playing privately. In addition it was noted that activity associated with golf buggies is not covered; instead it is up to individuals to check with the golf club hiring buggies that appropriate liability cover is in place.
ACTION GM to communicate status to members

8. AOB

Next Committee meeting: Tuesday 26th November, Rose & Crown.

5th September 2013