Committee Meeting Minutes 19/08/2014

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Tuesday August 19th 2014

Present RJames (RJ), Bunning (CB), Latham (RL), Trinick (RT), Shutes (AS)

Apologies for absence Beament (MB), Stembridge (JS), McGuffie (GM)

1. Handicaps
The new system continues to operate well and is now seen as the standard. Members are reminded that they can “appeal” to the handicap sub committee and should email GM in the first instance, to seek a review. The sub committee is made up of GM, MB and Fred Berring (Captain).

2. Website (JS)
Previous actions to update the system have not been acted on.
ACTION RJ to speak with JS to achieve as a minimum – a) an updated online member list and b) location of access code should JS not be available.

3. Fixtures(RL)
Fixtures 2014: CB to run Pine Ridge in the absence of RJ as organiser of this fine event. The only outstanding item is Cornwall with 18 people confirmed.
ACTION to send out last call up note, to chase any later comers.
Fixtures 2015: The following 2015 UK fixtures are proposed, subject to AGM endorsement and respective Golf Club confirmation :

Spring Tour 2015 The committee supported the concept of an overseas tour and eagerly awaits warm location proposals to be unveiled by a stalwart member at the AGM…………
Autumn Tour 2015. A West Country Autumn tour (The Thomas Hardy swing) is to be offered as an alternative to Cornwall in 2015. Mr Burn is apparently very excited and will bring a proposal to the AGM for member consideration.

4. Finance (CB)
CB advised the society was in good health and proposed a subsidy be offered to Mrs Bunno. This was ignored, so the year to date accounts remain as follows:

5. Membership (GM)
Membership currently stands at 52 people. The committee re-confirmed that membership will be retained at 50-55, with some flexibility as it is always uncertain if all existing members will sign up each year. No vacancies or applications at present.

6. Merchandise (RT)
There are a few 2014 umbrellas waiting for members. For 2015 is was proposed that no new item to be procured and instead carry forward the budget for future years. The numbered hats for attending 50+, 100+ etc WAGs events would however be continued.

7. Committee Elections
All current committee members except John Stembridge who is mid-term are up for renewal. The Chair announced that after decades of active committee involvement it was time for him to step down. After a vote of thanks to the Chair and various emergency calls to absent committee members, it was proposed the following nominations be formally proposed to the September AGM:

Members are invited to make other nominations for consideration at the AGM.

8. AOB
VL; the committee re-enforced that future VL winners from 2015 onwards must have been a member for a full year before winning this prestigious prize.

Next Committee meeting: TBA.

25th August 2014