Committee Meeting Minutes 11/11/2015

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday November 11th 2015

Attendees Bunning (CB), Stembridge (JS), Latham (RL), Trinick (RT),McGuffie (GM), Shutes (AS), plus guest Graham Hansen

1. Handicaps (GM)
Committee unanimously proposed and agreed to cut Latham to 35.

2. Website (JS)
Lots of discussion which went over most members heads, with references to clusters, MVC, coding etc. 3 options considered:

ACTION Graham Hansen to host sub- committee meeting (Stembridge, Hansen, McGuffie and Shutes) at his Offices to commence a. and b. above.

3. Fixtures(RL)
West Byfleet moved to 30th March (Wed)
Betchworth Park moved to 11th July (Mon)
Moor Park moved to 25th Aug (Thurs)
New Malden and AGM moved to Thurs 29th Sept.
Spring Tour 2016 (22-24 April). Le Touquet Tour firmed up thanks to Mr Shaw and Mr Latham, plus last minute negotiation by Mr Bunning; 2 nights, 3 courses, one evening meal and 8 cars with 3 people each on Eurotunnel, costed at £329 (room sharing). Plus £45 for single room per night

4. Finance (CB)
A number of members are behind £400+ due to late payments for tour and Worpy. ACTION – get a grip Members.

5. Merchandise (RT)
RT to model the proposed trendy golf top at Burhill and solicit members views. Apparently it is something that McCabe and Lee would wear.

6. AOB

Next Committee meeting and venue: tba

MB closed the meeting at 9.21 pm.

11th November 2015