Committee Meeting Minutes 23/03/2016

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday March 23rd 2016

Attendees Beament (MB), Bunning (CB), Latham (RL), Trinick (RT), Hill (RH), Shutes (AS).

Apologies Stembridge (JS), McGuffie (GM)

1. Handicaps (GM in absentium).
Nothing to report.

2. Website (JS in absentium)
Lots of activity over the winter period thanks to Mr Hansen, who has explored using Handicap Master and loading all 2016 activity. In conclusion Handicap Master is good at tracking results, handicaps and the VL but not allowing bookings or access to accounts.
JS has offered to examine the creation of a web site to provide a portal covering a variety of functions or "apps". This uses a language called "python" which is very quick to develop in and provides a lot of built-in functionality. The committee accepts this generous offer.

3. Fixtures(RL)
RL advised the following: West Byfleet 30th March - 24 booked to date
Mannings Heath 15th April – requested GM advertise asap (now done)
Cornwall – Tour to end Sunday night ie No Monday activity. It is down to members to arrange any Monday tee times privately. Sunday night accommodation at St Mellion to be checked.
Spring Tour 2016 (22-24 April). The Le Touquet Tour is in action. Richard Poole as the 25th participant. CB to advise him of travel and accommodation options. Members are to note that Tunnel check in is currently 0850 latest. The committee expressed concern that Burn/Beament may not have RAC cover, for the Burn’s vehicle which is coming by sea as opposed to tunnel.

4. Finance (CB) A number of members are behind £500+ due to late payments. ACTION – pay or the full weight of Bunno will descend.
Year to date status:

5. Merchandise (RT).
RT will have the sexy 2016 zip up top available for members at W. Byfleet.

6. AOB

Next Committee meeting and venue: tba

The Meeting closed at 9.16 pm.

28th March 2016