Committee Meeting Minutes 17/08/2016

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday August 17th 2016

Attendees Beament (MB), Bunning (CB), Latham (RL), McGuffie (GM), Hill (RH), Shutes (AS).

Apologies Trinick (RT), Stembridge (JS)

1. Handicaps (GM in absentium).
Much debate on whether and how to adjust handicaps to reflect the last 2 years of the ‘new’ handicap system. It was agreed the following adjustment be proposed for the consideration of the Club Captain:

  1. A general adjustment of a one stroke increase, to all members who have not been in the top 3 of events in the last 2 years, effective from 1 st January 2017. This will only apply to members who have played at least 3 rounds per year.
  2. Members playing a WAGS event at their own golf club will play off the lower of their club or WAGS handicap.

2. Website (JS in absentium)
ACTION to be discussed at next meeting: JS to report back on the viability of Python.

3. Fixtures(RL)
Cornwall and Moor Park are currently under subscribed. RL will see if the deposits can be refunded. If not possible, RL to discuss options with the WAGS organiser and those signed up.
Anniversary Tour 2017. 37 signed up so far. A few deposits outstanding however!
Proposed 2017 season. RL will be proposing the following changes to the AGM and relevant WAGS organiser:

4. Finance (CB) A number of members are behind £500+ due to late payments. ACTION – members are reminded to pay outstanding balances or Bunno will be upset.
Year to date status:

5. Merchandise (RT in absentium)
No action, following success of the black zip-up woollie.

6. Membership
Useful discussion concluding:

7. AOB

Next Committee meeting and venue: tba

The Meeting closed at 9.18 pm.

18th August 2016