Committee Meeting Minutes 25/01/2017

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday January 25th 2017

Attendees Bunning (CB), Latham (RL), McGuffie (GM), Hill (RH), Stembridge (JS),Shutes (AS). Invite – Captain Fred Berring

Apologies Beament (MB), Trinick (RT)

1. Handicaps (GM)
GM and Captain Fred have analysed member performance over the last 2 years, and after much debate the following was agreed.
1) A general adjustment of a one stroke increase, to all members who have not been in the top 3 of events in the last 2 years, effective from 1 st January 2017. This will be offered to the 3 members in this category.
2) Based on the standard deviation of individuals 10 best scores from the modal adjusted score, 4 more members will also be offered a one stroke increase.
3) The suggestion to also offer all members a 10% increase in handicap was furiously debated, voted on, the vote outcome not liked and will now be heading to the Supreme court.

2. Website (JS)
JS will follow up with Mike Lee on photographs to be added to the website.
ACTION to be discussed at next meeting: JS to report back on the viability of Python.

3. Fixtures(RL)
Anniversary Tour 2017. 39 signed up, with one space available. The FINAL cost installment is due end March. RL is visiting Portugal (at own cost) next week, to finalise details including tee times and possible hotel change. Others details such as tour dinner, ‘unusual’ shirt round, recovery of tour trophy plus duck and fines captain are in hand.
2017 season. All venues and dates now agreed and posted on website.

4. Finance (CB)
Year to end 2016 status:
Current account £17213
Deposit account £4
Less members Funds - £3494 (ie owed to WAGS)
Less 2017 Tour deposit £6000
Less Hole in One Fund No 1 £1,500
Less Hole in One Fund No 2 £342
Society Balance £12869 (of which £10000 granted for 2017 tour)

5. Merchandise (RT in absentium on the slopes).
Funds allocated for RT to procure tour shirts.

6. Membership (RH)
We currently have 47 to 49 active members, plus a small number of inactive members, who may or may not renew in 2017. One new member proposal, Nicholas Bailey, reviewed and endorsed.

6. AOB
Mr Hill has finalised the AGM minutes and will forward to JS for posting on the website.

Next Committee meeting and venue: tba

The Meeting closed at 10.12 pm.

27th January 2017