Committee Meeting Minutes 08/03/2017

Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
Minutes of Meeting of the Committee
Wednesday March 8th 2017

Attendees Bunning (CB), Latham (RL), Stembridge (JS),Shutes (AS). Invite - Captain Fred Berring

Apologies and attendance via phone/email McGuffie (GM), Hill (RH)

Extraordinary meeting held after the Trinket on 8th March at West Byfleet Golf Club

1. Fixtures(RL)
Anniversary Tour 2017. 39 signed up, with one space available. RL has visited Portugal (at own cost), to finalise details including tee times and hotel change. RT and AS agreed to organise the Golf side of the tour.

2. A memorial for Mike
We await input from Lynda Beament, who has indicated Mike has ‘left’ something for a memorial event. In the meantime, it was agreed the Waistcoat should be renamed “The Beament Waistcoat” by adding ‘Beament’ to the embroidery.  We also discussed the idea of having a “bad shirt” event on the tour - this might become an annual event, depending on what ideas Mike himself has discussed with Lynda?

3. The Next Chairman
A number of proposals were discussed. It was also noted that a number of other possible members, including current committee members, would be pleased to be considered for Chair in the future, but are not wanting to “push’ themselves forward. So a suggestion to formalise the Chair role as a fixed term of say 2 years was agreed in principle. In the meantime it was agreed that Gerry Robinson would step in as Chair until the October 2017 AGM, and help in the process of choosing the next Chair.

4. Next Committee meeting and venue

8th March 2017